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  1. An MMORPG Combat Game with Features Galore

    Revelation Online is an MMORPG combat game. It lets you choose from multiple unique combat classes, such as Light Blade, Summoner, Templar and Elementalist....

  2. Aerial-Themed Virtual Reality Flight Game

    The pilots of tomorrow will be enthralled with what Ultrawings has in store. A child-friendly atmosphere is combined with realistic physics in order to...

  3. Pro Flight Simulator New York Premium Edition

    Pro Flight Simulator New York Premium Edition provides a highly realistic experience of flight simulation over 40,000 miles of the sights of New York city....

  4. Fly Through Many Different Skies In Virtual Reality.

    Blueshift is a virtual reality flying game where you can use skis, rockets and so forth to navigate environments from cityscapes to Mars. There's no...

  5. Virtual reality Paris flight simulator

    Eagle Flight is a VR flight simulator. Take to the skies of an eerily silent Paris as an eagle, exploring the city while completing challenges.

  6. Exciting Game for Simulation Fans

    Flight Unlimited Las Vegas is a flight simulation game with a cool twist. In addition to getting the chance to flight a wide variety of different aircraft...

  7. Explore, mine and build in Discovery

    Discovery is a creative exploration and building VR game. In it, you search a vast world for resources which you can use to build your own creations. In...

  8. Software to Track Microsoft Flight Simulator Planes

    FSXFollow is a unique software package which enables users to track Microsoft Flight Simulator planes within a real-time scenario. Please note that it is...

  9. A full version program for Windows, by Flight School Studio.

    Creature In The Well is a full version app for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Action'.

  10. Flight Chase

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    Collect green balls but watch out for the shooting guns