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  1. iCal, Facebook and Google Calendar events on your desktop

    Three of the most popular event organization applications that Mac users use are iCal, Facebook and Google Calendar. CalendarBar allows you to display events...

  2. Gruml

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    Manage Google Reader on your desktop

    I'm a big Google Reader fan and use it to follow and manage all of my RSS feeds. So I was interested when Gruml offered me the chance to use it on my desktop...

  3. A Fully Functional XML Content Authoring Tool And Editing Tools

    The Authentic 2017 XML software is a very powerful XML editing and authoring tool. It is handy for web developers who are looking to create sitemaps for...

  4. Precipitate

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    Search Google Docs and Picasa from your desktop

    Now that Google Docs has become such an essential tool, it's useful to have some way to search for documents within it from your desktop. After all, why...

  5. Visual maps of your documents and images on Google Desktop

    This program brings a fresh new perspective to searching for documents and images. GDS Images and Document Maps is a plug in which is supposed to help you...

  6. Make Office Ready Spreadsheets Simply, Easily And Affordably.

    Easy Editor for Zoho Spreadsheet is a desktop application that provides access to the Zoho cloud service's spreadsheet creator, as well as to the actual...

  7. Free RSS reader for web content

    FeedReader is a great alternative to Google Reader. View all your feeds with one login as the desktop application reads and organises web content from all...

  8. Application to Access Google Calendars from the Toolbar

    App for Google Calendar - Toolbar & Desktop provides users with quick access to this scheduling widget via their toolbar. This saves a great deal of time...

  9. Google Translate desktop translator for 50 languages

    Just Translate is a desktop translator for more than 50 languages??. It opens and saves text files, printed translations, and even includes a spell...

  10. NetNewsWire

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    Excellent desktop RSS reader for Macs

    NetNewsWire is a long established RSS reader than many Mac users relied on before Google Reader came along.It's easy to see why too. NetNewsWire is free and...

  11. Download your favorite music to your computer

    SoundCloud Downloader Free is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. Designed to help users rip and download audio files from Soundcloud, SoundCloud...