Download Internet Explorer For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 3

  1. Recovers all Internet Explorer lost passwords

    Internet Explorer Password Recovery is a helpful, trial version program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Security software with...

  2. Open in IE

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    Open troublesome Firefox links in Internet Explorer

    As pared-down add-ons go, Open in IE is very, very basic. Without multiple functions or configuration settings, it really only does one thing, but if it's...

  3. A toolbar specialized in image downloads

    Thumbnail view of downloaded pictures. Select gallery name before downloading. Show gallery name in information drop-down list. Support for some...

  4. Protect against internet phishing scams

    PhishGuard for Internet Explorer is a useful, free software only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Networking software with subcategory...

  5. IE7pro

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    Add interesting extra features to Internet Explorer 7

    If you're a die hard IE7 fan then you'll probably be a bit bored with the default setup. IE7Pro spices-up Internet Explorer with a ton of features and tweaks...

  6. Extract browsing history information from Internet Explorer

    Added 'Hide File:// Items' option. When it's turned on, all file system history entries won't be displayed. Added new command-line option: -hidefileitems...

  7. Fully featured web browser based on Internet Explorer

    The web browser market is continuously increasing its offer with more alternatives to big shots like Internet Explorer or Firefox. One of the latest...

  8. Don't lose your IE passwords

    Internet Explorer 7+ decryption bug eliminated. The program failed to decrypt some IE7 and IE8 passwords.

  9. Location-based search and Virtual GPS for Internet Explorer

    Website developers can now implement Loki’s positioning system with only a few lines of Javascript. Enhancing applications and websites with location...

  10. The DebugBar

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    Internet Explorer plug-in for web developers

    Greatly improved HTTP(S) tab: get all HTTP(S) requests grouped by page with headers, timing and cache info View AJAX requests with headers, content, timing...

  11. Don't lose web pages when Internet Explorer crashes

  12. Bring the semantic web to Internet Explorer

    The Evri Toolbar is an addon for your browser that gives you instant searches using, a beta search engine that offers very different kinds of...

  13. Delete Internet Explorer cookies and cache

  14. Quickly get rid of unwanted Internet Explorer toolbars and add-ons

  15. Control your browser using mouse movements

    Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer is a useful, free Windows program, that belongs to the category Internet software with subcategory Web (more...

  16. Internet Navigator based on Explorer but with multi-functionality

  17. Get the latest Twitter stories in your browser

    TICKnTALK for Internet Explorer is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that lets you stay on top of the latest, hottest stories on Twitter.After installing...

  18. Easily see site, URL, cookies and history lists on the Internet Explorer cache