Download Note Taking For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

  1. A free note-taking application for PC

    Simple Sticky Notes is a sticky notes app that lets you jot down important information on your screen. Designed for Windows, the software offers a range of...

  2. Create and share a digital notebook

     Microsoft OneNote 2013 is a digital notebook designed for multiple users. Microsoft OneNote 2013 is part of the Microsoft Office 2013 release and contains a...

  3. Stickies

    • 3.6
    • (413 votes)

    Digital sticky notes on your desktop

    Everyone knows sticky notes, those yellow notes we use everyday to remind us of tasks, missed calls and other important things? You can now use them in their...

  4. A note-taking app for the engineers and technically minded people

    CherryTree is not a simple note taking app like “Remember the Milk” or “Evernote.” CherryTree has forgone aesthetics and concentrates only on the mechanics...

  5. Notion

    • 3.4
    • (70 votes)

    Music composer and mixer in one program

    The Notion editor is an easy-to-use music creation tool that music lovers may use to edit and compose musical scores. Use real music samples and audio clips...

  6. What’s on your mind?

    MindMeister is a great mind mapping and project management tool that allows its users to create mind maps and charts to organize ideas and thoughts. With its...

  7. Fing

    • 3.4
    • (333 votes)

    Free Network Tool for Professionals

    Fing is a special tool that allows users to see at a glance all of the devices that are connected to their network. Not only is this tool available free of...

  8. Osmo

    • 3.3
    • (22 votes)

    Handy, lightweight personal information manager

    Sometimes simple is better, and Osmo is a good example of that: a simple, lightweight personal information manager that lets you handle all important tasks...

  9. Free note taking software

    KeyNote NF is a free, open-source note-taking application. It offers the option of of keeping many separate notes in a single file, and those notes can be...

  10. Effective and Centralized Team Messaging Software

    Glip is a business-oriented software package which enables users to communicate from a centralized platform. In-house teams can share data with one another...

  11. Simplenote

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Automatically sync notes across all devices

    From the makers of popular blog sites of WordPress and Tumblr, Automattic developed Simplenote as a free-of-charge note-taking utility tool for desktop use....

  12. Handy, simple note-taking app you can run from a USB

    How often do you need to take simple, quick notes? An email address, a phone number, maybe something important you need to remember or something interesting...

  13. Knowledge management software that combines mind mapping, note taking, diagramming and slide presentation.

  14. Read Through Listening

    Reading is an essential part of learning. However, various factors can hinder us from appreciating books and other reading materials. People with learning...

  15. A simple note taking appliction that syncs with Simplenote

    ResophNotes has a hard to remember (and spell) name but it is a good, simple note taking app that syncs with Simplenote.If you want a lightweight, no fuss...

  16. NoteSync

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Note taking made easy and in sync with Google Docs

    If you use Google Docs regularly but wish you had a way of integrating it with your desktop, then NoteSync may be just what you need.NoteSync is a slick...

  17. A smart toolbox for your desktop

    Capture.NET is a small program with a ton of useful features for Windows users. The developer describes this as 'the Swiss Army Knife of PC tools', and it's...

  18. Workflowy

    • 4.5
    • (9 votes)

    Make and manage lists

    Workflowy gives you the ability to take notes and make lists in a way that makes sense. Imagine a notepad that is as big as it needs to be, where you can...

  19. A unique program to manage all your bookmarks

    Bookmark Flash is a tool that organizes your bookmarks for use in any browser.If you tend to compulsively bookmark any site that catches your interest, you...