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  1. A start menu utility for PC

    SystemTrayMenu is a free and open-source utility tool for PCs that was created by an independent developer named Markus Hofknecht. It is a start...

  2. File management utility for PC

    WinSetView is a free and open-source utility that was developed by LesFerch for desktop PCs. This file manager tool...

  3. Killer

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    An open-source task manager for PC

    Killer is a free and open-source utility tool that was developed by ntaraujo for PC devices. It is a task manager that...

  4. Open-source network manager for PC

    NETworkManager is a free network utility tool for PC created by indie developer BornToBeRoot. It is an open-source program that helps users manage their...

  5. GnuWin

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    Run GNU and open-sourced tools in your Windows PC

    GnuWin is a utility software that provides Win32-versions of GNU tools and tools with similar open-source licenses. It uses native ports, relying only on...

  6. Xiret

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    An open-source tool for PC devices

    Xiret is a free and open-source program that was developed by 0x43616c for computers. This utility tool provides...

  7. Tow Truck Simulator 2 is an open-world driving game for PC

    Tow Truck Simulator 2 is an open-world driving game for PC. It's a brand new game in a completely different direction. It's the sequel to the original Tow...

  8. Open Yahtzee

    • 3.9
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    A free (gpl) PC games program for Windows

    Open Yahtzee is an awesome, free (gpl) Windows game, that belongs to the category PC games with subcategory Checkers & Chess and has been published by Guy...

  9. Survival exploration game for PC

    Among Trees is a premium adventure game for desktop that was made by FJRD Interactive. It is set in the wilderness wherein players reside in a little wood...

  10. Yandere Chan Open World Simulator

    You will get the following features in this application:Explore an open world.Play with thousands of NPCs, which you will be able to talk to and interact...

  11. Open-source audio/video converter for PC

    Libre AV Converter is a free video program for PC that was created by an independent developer who goes by softaficionado. It serves as a front-end graphical...

  12. Find your pointer on your screen

    This little preference pane plugin allows you to display an image to easily find your pointer. This can be pretty useful if you have a lot of elements open...

  13. SLK_img2pixel

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    Pixel art creation tool for PC

    SLK_img2pixel is a free and open-source graphic and design program for PC that was created by an independent developer named Lukas...

  14. Secure your PC with Clam AntiVirus

    The internet contains a lot of security issues for the unwary. From data theft to malicious software, there’s a lot out there which can damage your PC or...

  15. KeePassXC

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    Open-source password manager for PC

    KeePassXC is a free password management software developed by KeePassXC Team. This open-source tool helps users save and store...

  16. LIII
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    A lightweight BitTorrent client for PC

    LIII is a free and open-source BitTorrent client that was developed by aliakseis for PC devices. This fast and...

  17. Multi-monitor utility for PC

    Multiscreen Blank is a free and open-source software for PC that was created by an indie developer named Alexey Blinnikov....

  18. LightBulb

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    Gamma adjustment utility for PC

    LightBulb is a free utility tool that was created by indie dev Alexey Golub for PC. This open-source software can be used to dynamically adjust gamma...

  19. Opener

    • 3.9
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    Open a variety of compressed files cleanly on your Windows PC

    Opener is a simple to use, free to use (some in app purchases exist) for your Windows PC and Mobile device. With one button click you can cleanly decompress...

  20. XigmaNAS
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    NAS software for PC

    XigmaNAS is a free and open-source program for PC devices that was developed by XigmaNAS. It is a network-attached...