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  1. Project management tool for developers

    Redmine is a project management web app written in Ruby using the Ruby on Rails framework. It is open source, allowing for complete access and modification...

  2. Free and Intuitive Software to Store Important Information

    wikidPad is a great option for anyone who has ever been searching for a means to store information which can be cross referenced when required. It is...

  3. Free and Open-Source Digital vuideo Recorder (DVR) Suite

    MythTV is an open-source software package intended to be used as an alternative to other popular options such as Windows Media Player. Some of its primary...

  4. CocoaMySQL

    X 0.5
    • 3.8
    • (6 votes)

    Open Source MySQL Database Manager for Mac OS X

    CocoaMySQL is a powerful, free software only available for Mac, that is part of the category Development with subcategory Database.

  5. Mixere

    • 2.9
    • (66 votes)

    Free, open-source application for mixing audio files

    Mixere is a useful, free (gpl) Windows program, belonging to the category Audio software with subcategory Mixers (more specifically MP3 Compatible).

  6. Pymaxe

    • 3.2
    • (240 votes)

    Download music without difficulties

    Pymaxe is an easy to use and open-source application which lets you download music or videos* from some media-sharing websites, such YouTube, Trilulilu or...

  7. Free note taking software

    KeyNote NF is a free, open-source note-taking application. It offers the option of of keeping many separate notes in a single file, and those notes can be...

  8. Free PDF conversion software for personal use

    Some PDF to Word Converter enables users to change a PDF document into a standard text format. This can be beneficial when editing specific sections or in...

  9. The open source alternative to Matlab

    Euler Math Toolbox is an amazing, free (gpl) software only available for Windows, that is part of the category Science & education software with subcategory...

  10. Open-source two-factor authentication software for Python users

    Open Two Factor Authenticator is intended to be used as a means to protect smartphone users against the threat of third-party intrusions. It essentially...

  11. Open-Source Software collaboration Platform for Developers

    Launchpad is primarily designed to offer programmers a centralized means to access all of the most important virtual development tools. This package works in...

  12. Open source info graph creation software

    Visual Understanding Environment is a free and open source concept and content mapping service. Useful for educational and business applications, the...

  13. VLC+

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    A video player that plays almost any video file

    VLC+ is not the VLC video program that you can get for free, it is a MAC applet for which a developer has decided to charge a fee. The developer has taken...

  14. Free and Open-Source Download Manager Powered by Python

    pyLoad is a lightweight and scalable download manager powered by the Python design language. Not only is it very flexible in terms of the supported operating...

  15. Customisable Pixel launcher for smartphones

    Lawnchair Launcher is an open-source project which is intended to allow coding novices to access all of the features associated with Pixel. It can be used to...

  16. XigmaNAS
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    NAS software for PC

    XigmaNAS is a free and open-source program for PC devices that was developed by XigmaNAS. It is a network-attached...

  17. Double Commander - a valuable open source file management utility

    Whilst fine for most purposes, systems administrators and other power users can often become frustrated with the limitations of Finder, the native Mac OS...

  18. Free Web-Based Project Management Software System

    Trac is considered to be an advanced issue-tracking system which can help to enhance the efficacy of current software management projects. As it aims to...

  19. Knoweldge base Wordpress theme

    Lipi is a self-service Wordpress Theme that uses a professional Knowledge Base plugin. This web app can scale your business and productivity as it can...

  20. Open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources

    Volunteer or grid computing are two ways to share computer resources with others in order to help work on a bigger project. These often have to do with...