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  1. LineageOS

    • 4
    • (2 votes)

    Free open source mobile software

    LinageOS is a free operating system for smartphone and mobile devices that is based upon the Android mobile platform. As an open source platform, LinageOS...

  2. Free and secure open-source Bitcoin wallet

    Copay is one of the best ways to store and access Bitcoins via a dedicated mobile phone application. As this is open-source software, the user will not be...

  3. Search and share files with other eMule users

    eMule is a free open source P2P client used for downloading movies, music and many other media file types. It works by using ed2k (eDonkey) and Kad...

  4. Free and Open-Source Machine Visualizer and Emulator

    QEMU is an advanced software package intended to emulate the functions of an operating system. The main reasons that this platform is chosen normally revolve...

  5. winMd5Sum
    • 3.9
    • (15 votes)

    Open source Windows MD5 checker

    winMd5Sum is an awesome, free (gpl) Windows program, that belongs to the category Security software.

  6. Inno Setup

    • 3.9
    • (248 votes)

    Free and Streamlined Program to Install Windows Components

    Inno Setup is a free software bundle which allows you to install various Windows packages and updates. As many feel that this program is just as efficient...

  7. Speex

    • 4.4
    • (19 votes)

    Open Source audio compression format for speech

    Speex is a helpful, free (gpl) Windows software, that belongs to the category Audio software with subcategory Codecs.

  8. GTK+

    • 3.4
    • (21 votes)

    Open source library for creating GUIs

    GTK+ is a great, free Windows program, that belongs to the category Development software with subcategory Libraries & DLLs and has been published by Gtk.

  9. Free Open Source Programme for Slack Users

    Mattermost is an alternative to Slack that has been created by the Slack community. This has allowed programmers to take all of the best features from Slack...

  10. ExifTool

    • 2.3
    • (5 votes)

    Free Software for Media Lovers

    ExifTool is a special open source platform that gives users access to a wide range of content. This includes images, videos and audio content that comes in a...

  11. Free open source commercial-grade Point of Sale software

    uniCenta oPOS is a branch of Openbravo POS point-of-sale and is capable of running on displays from 800x600 upwards. Most known Openbravo POS bugs have been...

  12. Free and open-source private mesenger for personal computers

    Signal Private Messenger could be the perfect solution for those who have been looking for a safe and secure method to communicate with others. Not only is...

  13. Microsoft's software development framework

    Microsoft NET Runtime is a development program developed by Microsoft for PC devices. It serves as an open-source framework...

  14. WW2D

    • 3.1
    • (73 votes)

    Free and open-source version of NASA World Wind software

    WW2D is a nice, free (gpl) Windows software, that is part of the category Science & education software with subcategory Geography.

  15. Streamlined Open-Source Digital/Audio CD Extractor

    CDex is an open-source package which enables users to extract (rip) digital data from an audio CD. It is then possible to convert this file into a standard...

  16. GRAMPS

    • 2.8
    • (29 votes)

    Open source family tree mapping tool

    Many genealogy or family mapping tools come at a price on involve expensive subscriptions to sites that promise to reveal who your Great Granddad was in...

  17. A Cross-Platform Database Administration Tool

    FlameRobin is a piece of open-source software that's based on a solid core somewhat modernised and made for managing databases of all stripes. It is...

  18. Free software to manage mods

    Nexus Mod Manager is a free platform for managing mods installed on your system. On this platform, the Nexus Mod community shares a range of game...

  19. Free and Simple Software to Monitor the Conditions of a Computer

    Open Hardware Monitor is a completely free software package intended to allow users to observe many aspects of their operating system in a real-time...

  20. Software to open source library in C and C++