Download Outlook For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. Synchronize Outlook data with any relational database

    Windows Vista Compatible help file, bug fixes

  2. Keep your emails in sync on your PC and notebook

    Click-To-Run: Better error message Support for Norwegian Outlook Fixed: Possble crash under x64 Fixed: Possble crash when closing a pst file. Fixed:...

  3. Make secure express backups of Outlook Express data

    Works with Windows 7 Enhanced support for Windows Live Mail and restore of the "Windows Live Contacts" and the Windows Live Mail "Calendar" Enhanced...

  4. yourMail

    • 4.3
    • (27 votes)

    Outlook Wizard: create order and save time with e-mail management

    This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Email management software.yourMail is a tool that helps automatically sort emails...

  5. Be more productive in Outlook

    Productivity is a serious thing that can really affect the way we approach our daily tasks and deal with workflow. And here's Jello, a handy Outlook add-on...

  6. TwinBox
    • 3.9
    • (6 votes)

    Use Twitter in Outlook

    If you're so hooked on to Twitter that you can't stop using it – not even at work – then this little, discreet Twitter client may be useful for you. TwInbox...

  7. Mail-Cure

    • 3
    • (8 votes)

    Recover lost or deleted emails from Outlook Express

    Mail-Cure is one of many recovery tools for Outlook Express users who have lost or accidentally deleted email messages.If you've ever permanently deleted an...

  8. Create secure copies of Outlook, Outlook Express and more

    Backups are one of the most essential parts of every computer user’s priorities - especially where important e-mails are concerned. Easy Email Backup can...

  9. Add a function in Outlook to work in team

  10. Extends Outlook with a Bayesian spam filter

    Self-training Bayesian spam filtering algorithm Microsoft Exchange support Managed coordination with Outlook Rules Enhanced White and Black Lists...

  11. OutNote

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    Attach notes to Outlook eMails and contacts

  12. SpamAid

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    Prevent spam in Outlook

  13. Export contacts from MS Outlook and Exchange

    Removed and from mapping options. Only fields that are required should be selected in normal operation. Corrected issue where in certain cases a data...

  14. A variety of tools for your Outlook

  15. Outlook add-in to filter spam and viruses

  16. Easily format phone numbers in Outlook contacts

    FormatNumbers is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that has a very specific purpose: helping you put the telephone numbers in your Outlook contacts into a...