Download Outlook For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. TwinBox
    • 3.9
    • (6 votes)

    Use Twitter in Outlook

    If you're so hooked on to Twitter that you can't stop using it – not even at work – then this little, discreet Twitter client may be useful for you. TwInbox...

  2. IncrediMail to Outlook Converter ( Incredi Convert )

  3. Outlook add-in to filter spam and viruses

  4. Create secure copies of Outlook, Outlook Express and more

    Backups are one of the most essential parts of every computer user’s priorities - especially where important e-mails are concerned. Easy Email Backup can...

  5. Outport

    • 4.2
    • (4 votes)

    Export elements of various formats to Outlook

  6. Easily format phone numbers in Outlook contacts

    FormatNumbers is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that has a very specific purpose: helping you put the telephone numbers in your Outlook contacts into a...

  7. Add interesting additional functions to Outlook

  8. RSS Popper

    • 0.5
    • (4 votes)

    News aggregator add-in for Outlook & Outlook Express

    RSS Popper is a very particular RSS feed reader: it's not an online application, nor a desktop one. Actually, it's a plug-in for Outlook Express and...

  9. Postbox

    • 3.2
    • (27 votes)

    A promising alternative to Outlook

    If you're tired of Microsoft Outlook, or just want something new from your desktop email client, you could give Postbox a whirl. At the moment it's in Beta...

  10. Powerful and quick search for Outlook

    Moved Lookout to use the C++ Shim to minimize conflicts with other plugins Worked around the error that some people could not install due to "Error...

  11. TaskToCal is an Outlook Add-In which shows your Outlook tasks...

    TaskToCal for Outlook