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  1. Manage passwords the Mac way

    Improved password insertion dialog, now centered on the screen Improved password generator, now can provide also shorter password

  2. A free Finance app for Android

    Wallet - Budget Tracker is a free app for Android that belongs to the category Finance, and has been developed by It's recommended for...

  3. Free and Intuitive Password Encryption Software for Personal Use

    Maintaining the integrity and security of files is always a concern within the modern digital community. Not only must they be kept away from the prying...

  4. Recover lost PDF passwords in a few clicks

    Recover PDF Password allows you to recover and find the password of a PDF file that you have lost or forgotten.PDF Password Recover has a simple interface...

  5. Easily create databases with 448-bit encryption

    While most security packages employ 128-bit encryption, Data Guardian goes a lot further with a staggering 448-bit level of protection.The Blowfish...

  6. Software to Create Password-Protected ZIP Files

    Are you concerned about the integrity of sensitive information or do you wish to protect your private files? If so, this software will enable you to create...

  7. Securely store your passwords online

    If you've got a terrible memory or just can't keep track of the number of credit card, website and other passwords than you need every day, then it's a good...

  8. info.xhead

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    Password manager and personal database

    info.xhead is an amazing, trial version Mac software, being part of the category Utilities with subcategory Security & Encryption.

  9. Exces

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    Protect your precious files

    Exces streamlines your password creation process to effortlessly protect your documents and files. You'll start off by naming your password file, typing in a...

  10. Secure password manager for Mac

    Tired of having to remember all of your passwords and personal info? RoboForm for Mac securely stores online and offline passwords on your iMac or MacBook...

  11. Store your passwords in a securely protected database

    Using secure passwords is one of the first and most important security tips anyone who starts using a computer should get. If you're still not getting it...

  12. Unlock PDF files so that you may edit them

    There are plenty of honest reasons why you may wish to unlock a PDF. You may wish to rewrite the text and want to paste it onto your word processor before...

  13. Free and centralized personal password database

    Remembear is an excellent way for users to store and retrieve sensitive passwords with the click of a button.

  14. Keeper

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    Password and data manager for OS X and iOS

    Keeper is a password and data manager for OS X and iOS that allows you to sync private data across devices including Mac, iPhone and iPad. Keeper enables...

  15. Highly customizable password manager with syncing capabilities

    If you have the dangerous habit of using the same password everywhere, or you're tired of having to turn to the password recovery service every time, you...