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  1. A free security app that locks and protects your phone

    This app locks both your phone and your individual apps, which means you can edit which apps or files other people may see/use when they use your phone. You...

  2. Free teaching, training, and online assessments

    Safe Exam Browser (SEB) is a reliable, free, and useful internet browser environment to conduct online assessments securely. The education program transforms...

  3. See Who Might Be Using Your Network with this WiFi App

    SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a networking detection program that allows you to see what devices are connected to your WiFi. It’s always good to be aware of...

  4. Lock, hide and encrypt all your important files and folders, password protects sensitive data from unauthorized access.

  5. SecurStick

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    Simple USB Encryption

    SecurStick is a free utilities and tools software that allows encryption of files that are stored in USB sticks and other devices. It grants administrative...

  6. USB Protection Tool - Secure your USB drives, for free!

    USB Protection Tool is a great tool for adding some additional security to your USB drives. The powerful write protection included in the application...

  7. Easily block your PC and protect from unauthorized access

    PC Locker Pro is an amazing, free Windows software, that is part of the category Security software with subcategory Blockers & Access Control (more...

  8. Hide files and folder so only you can access them

    Sharing a PC is never a good idea if you've got sensitive or confidential information that you don't want strangers, or even loved ones, to access. My...

  9. User-friendly software to block unauthorized networks from accessing a computer

    PeerBlock is essentially a robust firewall which 'blocks' unknown IP addresses from accessing the contents within a computer. It can be a very useful tool in...

  10. Use your USB stick to block your PC

    If you've ever worried about what's happening with your PC when you're not around then this is an ingenious solution - use USB PC Lock Pro to lock your PC...

  11. Scramble any type of data to prevent unauthorized access

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  12. LockOut

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    Protect unauthorized access to your Mac

    LockOut is an awesome, trial version program only available for Mac, belonging to the category Utilities with subcategory Security & Encryption.

  13. With this app lock you can lock your applications using either PIN or lock pattern and protect personal data from unauthorized access improving the security of your device.

  14. Transfer files wirelessly to your PC with the Wireless Transfer app

    Transferring files from your computer to your phone can sometimes prove challenging. With the wireless transfer app, you can easily and wirelessly transfer...

  15. Prevent unauthorized access to your Windows Desktop

    ScreenLock is a nice, trial version program only available for Windows, that is part of the category Security software with subcategory Blockers & Access...

  16. Surveillance for Local WiFi Network

    Wifi Inspector is a utility and tools application by LK Interactive Services. The application lets users know if there are any unauthorized access on the...