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  1. Bludit

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    Fast, flat-file CMS

    With a lot of content management software available in the market today, creating websites and blogs is a lot easier. Many of these CMS apps come equipped...

  2. Advanced waveform editor and batch-processor.

    Sound Grinder Pro is aimed at those of you looking for an advanced audio editor. The software matches a powerful conversion tool with the ability to create...

  3. Complete and easy cleaning in a sweep

    Once you've used Evidence Sweeper, you'll be amazed how much crap your computer actually picks up whilst surfing the internet. The deluge of temporary files,...

  4. Universal audio converter

    Sound Grinder is an advanced audio editor which converts files to the most popular audio formats.As with most audio editors, you'll find waveform editing in...

  5. Four WOOBE WordPress Plugins

    Since many people are switching from WordPress to per click publishing, one of the best solutions is to go with a WOBOE plugin. One WOOBE review states:...

  6. FAT Portfolio - Advanced Portfolio For WordPress - Highly Compatible With Other Popular Plugins

    FAT Portfolio - Advance portfolio for WordPress is a WP-friendly plugin that can be used to create a gallery WordPress site. It is made by RoninWp, who is...

  7. Download Plugins and Themes From Dashboard

    One of the biggest advantages of using a WordPress blog is being able to download plugins and themes directly from your dashboard, without having to go...

  8. The Best Plugins For Using Popup Panda For WordPress

    Using an Opt-In Panda for WordPress plugin can be one of the best ways to build large mailing lists for your website or business. An Opt-In Panda for...

  9. Plugins

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    Plugins - A Shortcut to Chrome Plugins

    Plugins - this is a browser add-on for Chrome (Google Inc.) in the form of a shortcut on your browser's toolbar.When installed, this will add an icon to your...

  10. wpCentral

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    Top Reasons Why You Should Use WPCentral on WordPress, for Plugins and more

    WPCentral is WordPress Central where you can store, maintain, configure, search, and publish any word-press powered website. If ever you needed a single...

  11. Profit From WordPress Through A Contest Bundle - WordPress Plugin

    You can easily organize a photo/video/recipe contest using a bundle of high quality WordPress Plugins created by award winning galleryplugins. The bundled...

  12. Send SMS via your Mac

    Luscious SMS is a useful application to send SMS with your Mac even if you don't have your mobile phone with you. Before actually using Luscious SMS you...

  13. Manage Zsh configuration

    Oh My Zsh is a free development kit that allows you to administer your Zsh configuration. A little background, Zsh or also fully known as Z shell is another...

  14. Creating powerful audio plugins

    SonicBirth is a useful, trial version Mac software, belonging to the category Design & Photography with subcategory Plug-ins Filters & Effects.

  15. KJ Tattoos - Overlay Plugins for Race Menu

    KJ Tattoos - Overlay Plugins for RaceMenu is a game mod for skim created by Khajiitas. It adds more than 40 new tattoo designs, made specifically for both...

  16. NitroPack

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    Caching And Optimizing Is Much Easier With Nitro Packs, Top of the List Best WordPress Plugins

    Just what is a NitroPack all-in-one performance optimization solution? This is a WordPress plugin created by NitroPack LLC, which offers a quick and easy way...

  17. MediaX

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    Small and light media player with plugins galore

  18. LMS plugins

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    Amp up your LMS fun

    LMS plugins is a collection of free utility programs that enable you to add extra features to Logitech Media Server. Developed by philippe44ca, these handy...

  19. October CMS

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    Laravel-based framework CMS platform

    Developed by the skilled duo Alexey Bobkov and Samuel Georges, October CMS is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform that is built on the best...

  20. Get Your WordPress Blog Where It Needs To Be.

    Vantage WordPress Theme is a free theme for WordPress blogs and websites. It provides one- or two-column layout options and can feature a sidebar on either...