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  1. General-purpose VPL

    PWCT is a free open-source software for users in development and IT that want to create applications or be inspired by the latest visual programming...

  2. A free program for Windows, by Alternate-tools.

    Alternate Textbrowser is a free program for Windows, belonging to the category 'Programming Languages'.

  3. MindManager - A Free, Open-Source and Fully Customizable Visual Programming Language

    MindManager is a free, open-source and fully customizable visual programming language and framework for designing, developing, and testing digital mind maps,...

  4. Saurus CMS

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    WYSIWYG editor to easily create websites

    If you're keen to get into web design but are intimidated by the major programs, then Saurus CMS is an interesting alternative. It creates and edits websites...

  5. Easy tool for creating powerful autoplay menus without programming experience

    Add User Customized Version Information of output file autorun.exe Add New 4 Cool TEMPLATES Fix some error

  6. Got bright house TV? Now get the app

    This app is designed for use by customers of the cable provider Bright House TV. It lets you program your DVR and even watch TV from your phone or other...

  7. Stack Search

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    Stack Search - A New Tool to Help You Find Solutions to Your Programming Challenges

    Stack Search is a new tool to help you find solutions to your programming challenges. It is an extension to your browser that lets you browse the...

  8. CNC programs editor with specific tools, features and syntax highlighting

    Bug fixes

  9. Programming Puzzle - The Challenge

    Nowadays, most of us are able to create a program. But while programming, there are still some skills that cannot be learned by reading some code. But as you...

  10. Free and professional publishing platform for website developers

    Verst is an intuitive and user-friendly software development platform which can be used by programmers and anyone within the coding community. It offers all...

  11. SciPy

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    Free and open-source Python library

    SciPy is a free and open-source Python library used by development and IT enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals. It specializes in using NumPy for...

  12. Auto-Checkout - No Programming Required

    Auto-Checkout is an open-source Chrome extension that is fully customizable and does not need any additional programming.FeaturesNo programming, no coding...

  13. Learn-RxJs

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    RxJs - A Tool For Reactive Programming

    RxJs is a library for reactive programming using observables. In other words, it is a tool to help you to write code that reacts to changes in your...

  14. Programming Tips - JavaScript Extension

    Programming Tips is a simple, yet useful, JavaScript extension that displays a programming tip every time you open a new tab. You can configure it to show a...

  15. GetURL - Easy Link Obtainer

    For those of you who are just starting out with programming, this tool might be helpful in your development journey. It can extract the query parameters of...

  16. Unakite

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    Unakite - The Details Behind Programming Decisions

    If you are a programmer, you may want to know the details behind programming decisions. For example, a particular feature of a language may require...

  17. TRPL Redirect

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    The Rust Programming Language (TRPL) Redirect - Resolve The Issue of Outdated Book Links

    In case you've ever gone to a website that is offering the second edition of the TRPL, and that link was outdated, you'll know what this extension is about....

  18. A free program for Android, by Margaloo Apps.

    Programming Language In Hindi is a free app for Android, that makes part of the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  19. Advanced Vectorization Optimization & Prototyping Tools for Programmers

    Modern processors are making threading and vectorization crucial because you simply cannot fully exploit a modern processor without it. There are cases where...

  20. Create job listing sites

    Superio – Job Board WordPress Theme is a premium webpage personalization that is a perfect job board for freelancers, job seekers, and recruitment agencies...