Download Proxy For Windows - Best Software & Apps | 3

  1. VPN/proxy-anonymizer with worldwide servers

    Steganos Online Shield 365 is a VPN/proxy-anonymizer software with servers in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK and USA.

  2. ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro - Protect your privacy and surf anonymously online

  3. Complete proxy with e-mail server, Web and FTP

    JanaServer is a handy, free software only available for Windows, that is part of the category Networking software with subcategory Proxy tools and has been...

  4. Download manager for Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer may have improved a lot with its latest version, but it still lacked an efficient downloading system. However, you can have that now with...

  5. Browse anonymously

    Anonymity 4 Proxy is a nice, trial version Windows program, belonging to the category Networking software with subcategory Proxy tools.

  6. Layer your data encryption with this free app

    Advanced Onion Router is a free utility program that enables you to safely send online data anonymously. Developed by hexhub, this software is considered an...

  7. Automatic proxy detector

  8. Monitor your internet traffic and restrict access for certain addresses

    Improved internet filters, multi-language filter support

  9. PaperBus

    • 2.8
    • (34 votes)

    Surf blocked websites with this effective proxy app

    There are computers, networks and even countries that restrict access to certain Internet content for one reason or another. PaperBus allows you to...

  10. Exclude spam with ease

    Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server is a free open-source email client software that enables you to easily implement various automated filtering features on servers....

  11. Trivial Proxy

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Logging application network activity tool

  12. Create a transparent connection through a proxy

    New engine Much increesed bandwidth

  13. Hide your real IP address under proxy servers

    Your IP address is like your personal identification number on the web. But sometimes it's necessary to hide it – to access a certain IP-restricted web...

  14. Make sure your DonationCoder programs are always up to date

    If you're a fan of DonationCoder, you might want to try DcUpdater, a little utility that scans your computer for DonationCoder software and updates to the...

  15. Secure and boost your web servers

    In C8: Engine bug fixes In C7: URL Rules are correctly imported from IQ.ini of 1.4.6 In C5: Bug fix: POST buffer memory leak In C4: Use the coupon code...

  16. Easy Proxy

    • 4.8
    • (3 votes)

    Free appication to view blocked or forbidden websites

    Easy Proxy for Chrome is intended to be used by those who may be looking to view blocked websites. This is commonly an issue with region-specific portals...

  17. Zapyo

    • 4.2
    • (81 votes)

    Enjoy the internet without restrictions

    Isn’t it frustrating whenever you are blocked from viewing a video or visiting a website because the content is not available in your country? It has always...