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  1. Excellent proxy switcher add-on

    ZenMate is a proxy switcher add-on for both Chrome and Firefox that requires no knowledge of proxy switching. ZenMate encrypts and routes your internet...

  2. VideoHunter

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    All-inclusive video downloader

    VideoHunter is a download manager that allows you to get all the videos that you wish to watch offline. It supports more than a thousand video-hosting web...

  3. Free Proxy

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    Browse the Internet Anonymously

    The internet is a wild place with many unseen dangers and many institutions monitoring online movements. What you do on the internet is your business stay...

  4. Standalone Software Application to Mask Personal IP Addresses

    Hide MY IP is a software bundle designed to keep one's IP address away from prying eyes. Not only does this provide a greater degree of privacy, but it is...

  5. The most complete proxy tool for Firefox

    Using a proxy can be useful in a variety of circumstances whether you want to protect your surfing habits or access content that's not available in your...

  6. ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy

    ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy is software that lets you surf the internet anonymously and bypass the geographical restrictions of many VOD (video on demand)...

  7. UltraVPN

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    Easily create virtual private networks

    Make sure your surfing is safe and anonymous with a VPN solution like UltraVPN.This virtual private network (VPN) is based on OpenVPN and, like other VPN...

  8. Free and Secure Virtual Private Network for Personal Computers

    A virtual private network will enable you to anonymously browse the Internet. This is a great way to enjoy superior levels of privacy while avoiding common...

  9. X-Proxy
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    Keep Your Computer Safe With X-Proxy

    X-Proxy is the perfect application for users who prefer to browse the internet anonymously. The app is fast to install and works on most devices. X-Proxy can...

  10. Secured Chrome Browsing

    Free VPN Proxy by HideMe is a browser add on for Chrome that lets you access websites securely and anonymously. It works just like any other VPN apps by...

  11. Share an Internet connection with other computers

    AnalogX Proxy is a great, free software only available for Windows, that is part of the category Networking software with subcategory Proxy tools.

  12. Hide your IP address & locations, Get absolute anonymous and protect your online privacy with proxy chain.

  13. Java based proxy tool

    Charles is a powerful HTTP proxy/HTTP monitor/Reverse Proxy tool that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP traffic between a computer and the...

  14. Force programs to use a proxy at socket level

  15. A popular Proxy server for Windows

    Performance increase in data throughput Drop files per extension and per protocol Enhanced diagnostics

  16. Easy setup, affordable proxy with banlist, user management and ad killer

    using SQLite DB for dns cache, not use file cache anymore add feature to limit http upload file size modify the online duration calculation method, remove...

  17. ProxyWay

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    Surf the Web anonomously via a proxy server

    ProxyWay is an amazing, free Windows program, being part of the category Browsers.

  18. An Ethical and Award-winning Proxy Network

    Having a proxy IP address is an instrumental necessity when it comes to researching data across the globe. This would allow companies to access a wider reach...

  19. Easily Configure your Windows Computer's DNSCrypt-Proxy

    Simple DNSCrypt is an open-source, free application for Windows that helps configure dnscrypt-proxy. DNS Crypt basically encrypts DNS lookups to mitigate...