South Park: the Stick of Truth

South Park: the Stick of Truth 1.0

The South Park series brilliantly adapted to role play on PC

All hail the Stick of Truth, and all hail this game - the greatest South Park game ever created! It must be said that competition wasn't especially fierce, the cartoon from Trey Parker and Matt Stone hasn't exactly been inundated with anything other than mediocre titles. But we did expect this to be a success from Obsidian Entertainment (the developers behind Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars: KOTOR II), and we were not disappointed!


  • Exceptional adaptation
  • Presence of a fart button
  • Awesome and hilarious
  • Semi-dynamic combat system


  • Avoid if you're sensitive to the humor of the series
  • Lacks real difficulty
  • PC adaptation shows it was made for consoles

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