Download Spotify For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps

  1. Spotify
    • 4.2
    • (8360 votes)

    An amazing music app for Windows

    Spotify is one of the most popular music apps in the world. Within a short period, the application has become immensely popular on Android, iOS, Windows, and...

  2. Toastify

    • 4.1
    • (4 votes)

    Add neat features to Spotify

    Toastify is a little application that adds some tiny features to Spotify. After installation, it runs alongside Spotify to do two things. Firstly, it makes a...

  3. Spotify’s Browser Extension For Your Convenience

    Spotify - Music for every moment is a web browser extension tool for Spotify, an audio streaming platform that provides DRM-protected music and podcasts from...

  4. Equalify

    • 3.1
    • (220 votes)

    A sound equalizer for Spotify

    Equalify adds a feature to Spotify that many users of this popular music player have missed for a long time: a sound equalizer.After installing the program...

  5. Record music from, Spotify and other streaming services

    Replay Music enables you to record any sound produced by a desktop app or online streaming music service.This means that with Replay Music you can literally...

  6. Flutter

    • 3.1
    • (122 votes)

    Play/pause music and video with a gesture

    Flutter is a lightweight application that uses your computer's webcam to control your music or movies with motion gestures.If you've ever hooked up your...

  7. Lyrify

    • 3.7
    • (14 votes)

    Elegant, well-integrated lyrics plug-in for Spotify

    Lyrify is a free lyrics plug-in that works in perfect harmony with Spotify. It displays the lyrics for the song you’re currently playing in Spotify, and also...

  8. Automatically record songs from YouTube, Pandora, Spotify and all PC audio.

  9. Instantly search for Spotify artists in Chrome

    Spotify Chrome Extension is an extension for Google Chrome that lets you quickly hear a track from an artist in Spotify.Spotify Chrome Extension makes it...

  10. Find music in Spotify fast!

    Now that Spotify is almost worldwide, people are looking for more ways of getting the most out of it. If you’re a Firefox user, try Spotify Search, a Firefox...

  11. Unify

    • 2.7
    • (2 votes)

    Transfer playlists and albums from iTunes to Spotify

    If you have an extensive iTunes library but also like listening to music on Spotify, why not blend the two of them together?This is precisely what you can do...

  12. Add extra functionality to Spotify

    Spotify is a great music app, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved with extra functionality. This is precisely what Spotify Tweaks does: add a bunch of...

  13. Add new tracks to Spotify playlists with Hypify for Chrome

    Hypify for Chrome is an extension for the Chrome web browser that integrates the music blog aggregator Hype Machine with streaming music player Spotify. If...