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  1. JDBC Interface Management

    SQuirrel SQL Client is a development kit for managing Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interfaces. The graphical SQL client is built from Java for...

  2. Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases: DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Sybase

  3. No More Worrying Over Lost SQL Passwords

    SQL Password Recovery is a utility program that helps you reset and recover lost SQL Server passwords. Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database...

  4. Free SQL code completion and formatting tool for SQL Server Management Studio.

  5. SQL Database editor

    If you're programming in multiple SQL databases, then you need to know that the environment you are using can handle everything you need. SqlDbx is a fast...

  6. Compare and synchronize different versions of SQL server databases

  7. Load and compare data from SQL servers and Web pages

    Bug fixes

  8. Free SQL Database Recovery Software

  9. Dedicated SQL Databse Analyser and Fault Finder

    SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is a software package designed to test the efficacy and functionality of an in-house SQL server. This will help IT...

  10. Schedule and execute jobs for SQL Express

    Express Agent is a useful, trial version Windows program, that is part of the category Development software with subcategory Database.

  11. Ensure SQL Server’s configured at the desired state

    SQL server desired state configuration, simply known as SSDSC, is a database management tool developed by one of the most trusted companies when it comes to...

  12. Convert from Excel or CSV to SQL, including MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL server and other database formats

  13. Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases: DB2, MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, Sybase

  14. A trial version program for Windows, by Adept SQL Tools.

    AdeptSQL Diff is a trial version program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Networking'.

  15. Navicat for SQL Server gives you a fully graphical approach to database management and administration.

  16. Powerful and intuitive SQL database for multiuser applications

    If you're working with SQL then one of the most important things is high speed access and OpenBase SQL is a database server application that provides...

  17. Identify any changes made to any data in your SQL Server databases

  18. Software to compare & synchronize DB content

    The new release adds support for Oracle and MySQL databases, and enables cross-platform database synchronization and comparison. With greatly improved user...