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  1. DBF into XML, CSV, HTML, SQL and more

    dBase, FoxPro and their Windows clones, Delphi applications and more all rely on DBF files. Modern business realities make high demands for data interchange...

  2. Ensure SQL Server’s configured at the desired state

    SQL server desired state configuration, simply known as SSDSC, is a database management tool developed by one of the most trusted companies when it comes to...

  3. Identify any changes made to any data in your SQL Server databases

  4. Delphi component for buiding SQL queries

    Handling of query parameters is implemented Metadata pre-filtration is added Two new metadata providers are added for the Advantage DB and IB Objects...

  5. MyISQL

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    Design and execute SQL statements in MySQL

  6. Allow end-users to build complex SQL queries via an intuitive interface

    New metadata provider for the DBISAM embedded database engine is added ( New metadata provider for the SQLDirect BDE replacement...

  7. Run SQL queries, draw ER-diagrams, and visualize data relationships


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    Interactive SQL for MSSQL

  9. Keep your SQL Server database free from design flaws

  10. Powerful and intuitive SQL database for multiuser applications

    If you're working with SQL then one of the most important things is high speed access and OpenBase SQL is a database server application that provides...

  11. Search tool for use with Microsoft SQL Server

    Use external editor Search for user-defined functions