Disney Infinity: Toy Box for Windows 10

Disney Infinity: Toy Box for Windows 10

Play with your favorite Disney characters!

Disney Infinity is a fantastic toy based game that was released on consoles to great effect. Now meet Disney Infinity: Toy Box, it's free and PC only little brother. Enjoy all the Disney characters you're used to with the original Disney Infinity, minus the toys, all for free on your Windows based PC. Download now and immerse yourself in adventures with Disney characters of your own making!


  • Huge number of Disney characters to choose from means that you'll get to play with your favorites
  • Deep and rewarding level design means that you won't soon lose interest in the game
  • Great art direction and wonderful music, exactly what you've come to expect from a Disney product


  • No support for the tiny models purchased as part of the regular Disney Infinite game
  • Reduced number of Disney characters as compared to the original game

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