Download Typing Training - Best Software & Apps

  1. TypingMaster

    • 3.7
    • (5805 votes)

    Free app to improve typing speed

    TypingMaster is a hassle-free, simple, and useful program to improve typing speed on a Windows computer. The software comes with a clean interface and the...

  2. Free typing tutor app

    Mavis Beacon Free is a program that offers a comprehensive typing tutor that helps improve your overall typing efficiency. This training app provides its...

  3. How fast can you type?

    TypingMaster Typing Test is a helpful educational tool that will let you know how well acquainted you are with your keyboard. It features different typing...

  4. Improve your typing skills!

    KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor is an interactive learning program that can help users learn or improve their typing skills. Designed by NCH Software, the program...

  5. Type in Hindi and Punjabi with confidence

    Typing Exam Hindi Remington Gail is a training software that enables you to practice typing in Hindi, Punjabi, and other languages used in India. Developed...

  6. Type better and faster

    TypingMaster Pro with Satellite is an application developed by TypingMaster that will help you enhance your typing skills. Learn to type faster and avoid...

  7. Useful Tool for Typists

    Typing Magic is a special app that has been designed to help people learn how to type and improve their typing skills. The software claims that people who...

  8. Alice is a user friendly touch-type-training software for English US and UK keyboard layouts.

  9. Are you a pro at typing?

    A-Z Typing Test is an educational software that you can use to test and see how good you are at typing. It has a set of drills that users can try in order to...

  10. ZenTypist

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    Perfect your typing with ZenTypist

    ZenTypist is a typing app that helps you improve your typing. The app displays a section of text which you need to type accurately. Unlike most typing apps...