Best ps4 flying games

Perhaps, one of the reasons why some people are hooked with flight simulation games is that their fantasy of becoming part of a different world is fulfilled. Brace yourselves and get your war planes ready to take off with this list of PS4 flying games. 


Paid: $19.99

InnerSpace is an adventure simulation video game developed by PolyKnight Games and was published by Aspyr. The game was set in a world with no horizon, called the Inverse. It was released on January 16, 2018, for multiple gaming platforms.

  • Samuel Flores

    by Samuel Flores

    C'mon guys! It's just a new game. Let's give it some time to before more people can play. I think this game can be a little bit higher on the rank. Fo More

  • Helen Delgado

    by Helen Delgado

    Not your typical flight simulator game. Very unconventional setting too hmmm

2.Kerbal Space Program

Paid: $39.99

Kerbal Space Program is a sandbox science and space simulation video game developed by Squad and published by Private Division. It can be played on Microsoft Windows and macOS computers, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

  • Abhinav Chavan

    by Abhinav Chavan

    This is a perfect game for Kids aspiring to become an astronaut or even those who just want to build space crafts. Because of this game, Maynor, my ki More

  • Martha Obrien

    by Martha Obrien

    One of the most fun flying games I've played ever! The Career and Science modes are so cool and designing my flight technique has been so rewarding


  • Kimberly Hoffman

    by Kimberly Hoffman

    One of the best and most enjoyable flying games for ps4 that I'm sure everyone will enjoy. Great experience of simulating being an astronaut which


3.War Thunder

Free download

War Thunder is a free to play MMO that has a cross action between aircraft, air battles, naval and tanks in World War II. The incredible level of detail and combined forces of all elements makes War Thunder a good game to play the missions.

  • Zhao Huang

    by Zhao Huang

    I'm looking for flying games and when I discovered this, it became my favorite game. the graphics of the game is what I like the most together with


  • Peter Webb

    by Peter Webb

    Been playing this way back when it was first released on PS4 and even now with Microsoft as it came out. Great game with great planes!

  • by Keith James

    This is my type of game that really involves war and flying your plane. Not a lot of ps4 flying games that I really enjoyed. Graphics and gameplay


  • Dr. Hasen Williams

    by Dr. Hasen Williams

    This game portrayed on the PSN network are NOT in the game. The graphic detais shown, before you buy, are not game content and is the most misleading  More

4.Elite Dangerous

Paid: $29.99

Elite Dangerous is a space simulation game developed by Frontier Developments and first released in 2015. It lets players explore an open-world cutthroat galaxy where players battle it out to freedom and glory.

  • Aarav Balasubramanium

    by Aarav Balasubramanium

    It is what it is, a great fight simulator that I play on ps4. Not really the most hype and entertaining flight simulator but definitely worth playi


  • Nedal Rabadi null

    by Nedal Rabadi null

    If you an idea about space and time this game is amazing It sheds a light about space travel as concept and for that it receives high praise from me

  • by Donald Kim

    To me, this game resembles something like Star Trek. Not exactly the most flight simulator game of that sort although it's also a fun game with exc


5.Strike Suit Zero

Paid: $19.99
Strike Suit Zero is an indie sci-fi space action shooter video game developed and published by Born Ready Games. It can be played on Windows and Mac computers, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.
  • by Thomas Pearson

    The combat in this game is top-notch. Should be rank higher imo. Haven't been hooked to a game like this for a while. Great Ps4 flight simulator ga


  • Song Hue

    by Song Hue

    After playing this game, it felt great! The combat battles is my favorite feature of the game and I'm doing this in space! Feels like a soldier sin


  • Catherine Austin

    by Catherine Austin

    @Song is this a game like Gundam? Because I will totally dig this if ever that it is. Btw nice review for this game fella! Will try and find other rev More

  • Eric Gilbert

    by Eric Gilbert

    The missions here are the real deal. Exciting and really fun flying game. My Ps4 with this game has been overused


Paid: $4.99

Gunjack is an action arcade shooter that was developed and published by CCP Games. It is can be played in Virtual Reality via PlayStation 4, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive headsets. It has intuitive controls and VR experience.

  • Paul Mendoza

    by Paul Mendoza

    Been waiting so long for a VR game that I can play in my PS4 with a flying feel to it! Cool!

  • Patrick Alvarado

    by Patrick Alvarado

    So before playing the game do I need a VR? Can't I play it with my PlayStation alone?

7.Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Paid: $59.99

Ace Combat 7: Skies puts you inside the cockpit of some of the most known aircraft and new and futuristic ships in thrilling action. There are dogfighting, air battles, and more features that will keep you playing.

  • Pigmistery One null

    by Pigmistery One null

    been playing all day, fast paced when you reach the battles especially "ground forces" the VR aspect is separate from the main campaign but still wort More

  • Tiffany Burke

    by Tiffany Burke

    I went into a game convention and from what I heard, it is a promising game. Bought the pre-order version and can't wait to have the actual game re


  • by Michael Vasquez

    This is my type of flying game man! You’ll blow up bombers and chase down ace enemy pilots with missiles together with great landscapes. can't get


  • Dr. Hasen Williams

    by Dr. Hasen Williams

    Be prepared for them to Sealy it for a 4th time for PS4. I bought VR based on advertising it will be available in in 2016. 2 years later and STILL not More

  • Peter Lunn null

    by Peter Lunn null

    It was best online flight sim, the mp battles were great, until they released the season pass, I'm not paying more than I paid for game only to be abl More

  • MMN Legend null

    by MMN Legend null

    I like the game physics and realistic gameplay but that might get boring soon.

8.Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator

Paid: $17.62 with in-app purchases

Blue Angels Aerobatic Flight Simulator is a flight simulator game. I was developed and distributed by RORTOS and could be downloaded online through PSN. It features a simulation where you can feel what it is like going at 400mph.

  • by Eric Jiang

    This is one of a few ps4 flight simulator games you'll find out there with great planes and all that pilots like me need 

9.Eagle Flight

Paid: $19.99

Eagle Flight is a flight simulation video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft in 2016. It was set on a post-apocalyptic period in Paris with the eagle as the main character to beat its rivals and defend territories.

  • Steven Wagner

    by Steven Wagner

    Out of all the PS4 flying games that are out there, this one has the most legit VR experience with good core mechanics. It's actually more than jus


  • Xiang Pan

    by Xiang Pan

    Flying in Paris with birds as my enemy? Good. 

10.Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Paid: $29.99

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulation video game set in historical locations of WWI and WWII. You will pilot more than 20 different types of aircraft on 49 missions such as defense, attack, rescue, and more.

  • Henry Ortega

    by Henry Ortega

    My PS4 had not been used recently. I wanted to play a game but was bored with my existing library. I was browsing games and chose Air Conflicts: Secre More

  • Kyle Taylor

    by Kyle Taylor

    For a ps4 game, it has a really good feel to it. The stealth missions where you must avoid engaging enemy aircrafts are so nice

  • Brian Butler

    by Brian Butler

    Great for ps4 with that arcade-feel for its gameplay. I don't see much of these types of games so I liked this one. Good overall ps4 flying game> More

11.Island Flight Simulator

Paid: $9.99

Island Flight Simulator is a video game with more than one hundred transport missions that are set in an archipelago with 12 exotic islands. This game can be played on the PlayStation 4 console with the user being the freight pilot.

  • Jane Howell

    by Jane Howell

    Island Flight Simulator isn't the best PS4 flying game out there. While I think that the price is reasonable, the graphics just aren't that great. I c More

  • Mike Steelbootz null

    by Mike Steelbootz null

    Don't waste your money. Controls very clumsy or very sensative. Almost impossible to land, no scenery, very boring.

  • Danielle Diaz

    by Danielle Diaz

    For a flight simulator game, not bad! could use some work with controls but I like it

  • Михаил Терёхин null

    by Михаил Терёхин null

    There is a serious problem in this game. When you open the next plane and get an assignment for it, you will not be able to fly to the designated isla More

  • Angela Chavez

    by Angela Chavez

    This game is good for enjoying flight simulation although if you're after super exceptional graphics, this might not be your jam but it's kind of a


12.Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Paid: $14.99

Air Conflicts: Vietnam is a flight simulation war game for PlayStation 4. The game was set in the Vietnam War. It was developed by bitComposer Games and distributed by Majesco Entertainment and it has an ESRB rating of Teen.

  • Jerry Huang

    by Jerry Huang

    I played and I felt like in Vietnam War scene, really. As a fan of Air Conflicts series, this is my least favorite. 

  • Nancy Ray

    by Nancy Ray

    Decent flight simulator game that I play sometimes with a very war-like feel

13.Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Paid: $19.99

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is an arcade flight simulation game set in the Pacific scenario of the World War 2. You will play as Lucas Stark, a pilot from the US Navy fighting against the terrible Japanese Zeros. 

  • Linda Hernandez

    by Linda Hernandez

    This game has fantastic controls and is definitely worth checking out. The plot or whatever isn't the point; it's very much focused on the game play i More

  • Charlie Tian

    by Charlie Tian

    I totally agree with @/Linda because I enjoy the feeling of being in the air and on top of all more than the story of the game. 👍

  • Joshua Castro

    by Joshua Castro

    A great ps4 combat game/flight simulator that throws you into the heart of World War II. It looks good with all the graphics!!


Did you know that pilots from the early 20th century already used high-tech flight simulators? Link Aviation Devices founder Edwin Link released the Link Pilot Trainer in 1929. The Link Pilot Trainer was a series of flight simulators that fighter pilots used during World War 2. The simulator was so effective that Air Marshal Robert Leckie, the wartime Chief of Staff of the RAF, stated that the "Luftwaffe met its Waterloo on all the training fields of the free world where there was a battery of Link Trainers."

Link spent 18 months to build his simulator using equipment from his father's factory. He used the simulator for his flight school and was selected as a replacement trainer for the US Army Air Corps. The replacement was brought about by the Air Mail Scandal wherein 12 pilots died within 78 days due to inexperience. After its tenure as trainer for mail-carriers, it was later chosen for fighter pilots. It was used by fighter pilots from the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, and the USSR. There are plenty of flight simulators and flying games for pilot trainees and hobbyists. These games often help these trainees and hobbyists feel the sensation of aviation.