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15 best beginner champions in League of Legends

With over 140 champions, it can be a bit daunting to decide who to play in League of Legends. Whether you’re new to the game, or have been playing on and off for years, you may be struggling with this decision. Below are champions for each position in league that are not only easy, but will help you learn a lot about the game. If you’re looking to play in ranked, these champions are always good, so don’t be afraid to pick them up.

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Top Lane

Garen: 450 BE

Garen is the perfect champion for new players who want to try out the top lane. He’s in a group of champions called “juggernauts”, who are able to deal large amounts of damage while being able to tank as well. The big drawback to these champions is that they struggle against ranged champions, since they don’t have much range themselves. Thankfully, the top lane is usually filled with melee champions, so juggernauts typically an easy class to start learning with. And Garen is one of the best there is. He has a large amount of AoE damage with his E, but can also stay safe thanks to his W and his passive. His passive is a large amount of health regen, while his W is a spike of damage reduction. His abilities are simple, but strong. This makes him a perfect champion for those who are looking for an easy and effective beginning top laner.

Dr. Mundo: 450 BE

Some other options for top lane are Dr. Mundo and Nasus. Both are juggernauts as well, with their own unique benefits. Mundo is particularly similar to Garen. He has a similar passive (increased health regeneration), and an ability that causes a field of damage around him over time. He also doesn’t have mana, his abilities cost health instead. But don’t worry, his passive and ultimate (a burst of health regeneration) will keep you healthy.

Nasus: 450 BE

Nasus, on the other hand, is all about one ability. Every time you kill a minion with his Q, it gains additional permanent damage. These stacks of damage scale infinitely, so you can get a crazy amount of damage in the late game. It’ll take some practice to master killing minions, but that practice will help with learning to kill minions on other champions. By gaining damage this way, you can build yourself as a tank, and become unkillable while still being able to do a lot of damage.


Nunu: 450 BE

If you are unfamiliar with the MOBA genre, then the jungle is probably the most confusing position to think about. The other positions are pretty straight-forward. Top, mid, and bot go down their lane to kill minions and take towers, while supports provide utility for the team. Junglers, on the other hand, are less straightforward. Thankfully, there are champions that make it easier to learn this role. And none are better at doing that than Nunu.

The three things that junglers need to do are: kill jungle monsters, take objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor, and killing enemy laners (aka ganking). Nunu is particularly skilled at the first two. He is able to kill monsters faster than most champions with his Q (which also heals and buffs him). He also has buffs and slows to help him attack enemy junglers who are trying to take the objectives he wants. And despite being a tank, he has the highest damaging ultimate in the game. If you don’t understand how the jungle works, Nunu is the best champion to teach yourself.

Warwick: 450 BE

While Nunu is more focused on fighting in the jungle itself, Warwick tends to focus on ganking the lanes. Once he’s killed a few jungle monsters, he’ll be strong enough to jump into a lane and try to kill the enemy laners. His W gives him increased movement speed towards low health enemies, while his Q lets him jump to them and do a large chunk of damage. He also has one of the best crowd control abilities in the game called a suppress. His ultimate lets him leap in a direction, and if he lands on a champion, he steals life from them for a short time, while they are unable to do anything. He’s also much tankier than other damage dealing junglers, so it’s not as harsh if you mess up a bit with him.

Shyvana: 3150 BE

Shyvana is somewhere in between Nunu and Warwick when it comes to the jungler’s role. Like Nunu, she is able to take objectives quickly (specifically the dragon, which she does increased damage to), and like Warwick she is able to gank effectively. Her ultimate turns her into a dragon and increased the damage and utility of all of her other abilities. She’s incredibly strong in this form, and can easily take on enemy junglers like this. She can also use this form and her W to escape if things get a bit too tough for her.

Mid Lane

Annie: 450 BE

Annie is often considered best champion for beginners, regardless of lane. And there’s a good reason for that! She has a lot of damage, an easy combo to learn, point-and-click abilities, a very long stun, and a giant bear. She gets a charge of her passive every time she uses an ability. Once she has four charges, her next ability will stun whatever enemies it hits. Her Q is a fireball that deals a lot of damage. If you kill a minion with it, then it refunds the mana spent on it. This is part of what makes her so easy. Mages sometimes have a hard time killing minions early in the game. But with Annie’s Q, she’s able to do it as well as any other champion. It also stacks her passive, so it’ll end up giving you a free stun after you’ve killed four. If you’re looking for an easy champion to help you learn the game, Annie is by far the best choice.

Morgana: 1350 BE

You may have noticed from the previous champions, but some of the things that make a champion good for beginners is being: ability to kill minions easily, ability to crowd control other champions (stun, snare, suppress, etc) and being safe/hard to kill. These are also what makes Morgana such a great champion. While some choose to play her as a support, because she has a long snare, and a shield from enemy crowd control, she is just as effective in the mid lane. Her shield keeps her safe, while she is able to quickly and easily kill minions with her W (an area of damage over time). If you want to learn to play safely, or just enjoy not dying, then Morgana is probably the best champion to play.

Zilean: 1350 BE

While Zilean is probably the most complicated champion on this list, he is also the most forgiving. He places bombs with his Q that detonate after a short time, or by placing a second bomb on the first one, that also causes enemies in the bomb radius to be stunned for a short time. He can place the second bomb by using his W, Rewind, that reduces the cooldown of his Q and E. His E is a movement speed boost which is great for escaping and chasing enemies down. The best part of his kit, however, is definitely his ultimate. It lets him place a buff on himself or an ally. If that champion dies while the buff is on them, they are revived after a few seconds. With this, Zilean is able to keep himself and his allies alive and safe while doing a good amount of damage. As stated, he’s a bit complicated, but if you mess up his abilities, you can always escape with your E and your ultimate.

Bot Lane

Ashe: 450 BE

Whether you’re new to League or a veteran player, you probably played as Ashe when you first downloaded the game. She is the tutorial champion, and that probably explains why she is on this list. Similar to Garen in simplicity, Ashe is always easy and effective. Her abilities aren’t complicated, and that’s a big benefit to the people who play her. She is also one of the only bot laners who is useful even if you fall behind. Her ultimate is one of the best utility moves in the game. It’s a stunning arrow that can travel the entire map until it hits someone. She’s also able to slow enemies with her auto attacks and abilities, which is great for learning how to attack while running away from someone (kiting). She’s not always the best bot laner, but she is always a useful one, and definitely worth learning.

Sivir: 450 BE

Sivir fall into a similar category as Ashe. They are referred to as “utility marksmen”. This is because most marksmen (also referred to as ADCs or bot laners), don’t have utility abilities. This means that if they die a lot in the early game, they are unable to do much of anything later in the game. While there are some other utility marksmen (such as Kalista and Varus), they are much harder to learn than Sivir and Ashe. Sivir is able to kill minions quickly and easily with her W and Q. She also has a spell shield to keep her safe, something no other bot laner has. Along with this, her ultimate is a burst of speed for your entire team, which can help you escape or engage your enemy. Like Ashe, she’s always useful, and really easy to learn.

Ezreal: 4800 BE

While most marksmen do their damage with their auto attacks, there are a few who do damage using their abilities. The easiest and safest of these champions is by far, Ezreal. Unlike the other champions on this list, his damage is mostly based on skillshots. But don’t let this scare you, his are fairly easy to land, and he’s a great champion to learn to use them on. This is because his E is a blink that lets him jump over walls and other terrain, while doing some damage to nearby enemies. He can use this to escape, so he can continue to use his skillshots from a safe distance. He’s a little bit expensive compared to the other marksmen on this list, but he’s definitely the safest one League has to offer.


Soraka: 450 BE

Support characters in video games are often associated with healers, and none are better healers in League than Soraka. She has the best healing abilities in the game, while also bringing a lot of unique utility. Her ultimate is particularly useful, as it heals every ally champion regardless of where they are. Unlike most supports, she’s able to use this to support from  anywhere on the map, making her really effective and easy as far as the healers go.

Sona: 3150 BE

While Soraka has some damaging abilities, she’s mostly valued for her healing. Sona is the opposite of this. She can heal and buff her allies, but her main strength is in her damage. If you’re looking for a support that deals damage, Sona is one of the easiest and most effective champions at doing this.

Braum: 6300 BE

Not all supports are healers, and Braum is a great example of this. He is a defensive tank that can use his shields and crowd control to keep enemies away from his allies. His abilities are centered around saving his allies, and stunning the enemy to turn fights around. If you want to play support, but are not a fan of healers, Braum is an excellent choice. He is, however, the most expensive champion on this list; so it may take you some time to get him if you want to try him out.


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