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3 ways to use VR without paying for an expensive headset

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If you haven’t jumped into virtual reality yet, you probably will soon. It’s pretty amazing. But while it’s a fun and exciting way to tap into the coolest technology that the world has to offer, it’s also one that can be pretty pricey.

In order to participate in this exciting technological advancement, many people believe it’s necessary to shell out some serious cash. However, we’re debunking that myth. Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of virtual reality without the high price tag that accompanies a headset.

3 ways to use VR without paying for an expensive headset

1. Google Cardboard

On a budget or just not willing to shell out the hefty price of a headset? Google has you covered with its cardboard version! This may sound strange, but it actually works. Let us explain: This is a piece of cardboard that folds into a box that’s a bit shorter than a brick. There is an area where you can slip in an iPhone or Android, and then you run the app that’s associated with this contraption. There you have it! You get to experience VR for only around $15.

If you don’t even want to spend that, you can build your own with cardboard, lenses, magnets, hook-and-loop fasteners, and a rubber band. Talk about being creative!

2. On your smartphone

If the idea of building a cardboard box seems like too much work, you could instead use your smartphone on its own to get the VR experience. Many apps provide a 360-degree view of videos that provide the same allure. This is especially neat when you move your phone left, right, up, or down.

3. On a PC

Although you’ll receive the least exciting results using this method, it’s better than nothing! Here, use your mouse on different websites providing these experiences to shift the perspective in different directions. Google Chrome is a good browser to use to do this.


If you want to take advantage of VR without breaking the bank, try out these methods. You’ll be on your way to being a VR aficionado in no time!

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