7 Best Minecraft Mods

7 Best Minecraft Mods
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Minecraft has been on the market for some time now, but the community hasn’t thinned a bit. If anything, they’ve become more resourceful and even more creative. Nothing is off limits in Minecraft. Building cities to scale and replicas of fictional locations, Minecraft modders have been busy making your experience more immersive and pushing the limits of what you can actually do in Minecraft. If you are looking to delve into the belly of the beast, you can find an in-depth description here.

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As a fan of the mini-map, this mod is crucial to gameplay. It renders a real-time map of your generated world either in a web browser or in-game. You can download the JourneyMap mod here.


The mod for the master builders of Minecraft. Chisel allows you to download extra texture packs for blocks. As you hit them with your chisel, the blocks will change their look to match your imagination. To create the Chisel, all you need is to diagonally arrange an Iron Ingot and a stick. Simple, right? Download Chisel to start crafting!

Biomes O’Plenty

For most Minecraft players, aesthetic modifications are a great way to spice up your Minecraft experience. With Biomes O’Plenty, you are adding new geographical locations to your world with varying environments. Including a Tropical Island, Wastelands, and Pastures, your environments will never get stale. Download Biomes O’Plenty now!


Minecraft isn’t known as a graphical powerhouse, but it still has a bit of charm with its block-based landscapes and creatures. Soartex is texture pack for Minecraft that shoots right down the middle between photorealism and a cartoon art-style. This is a great download if you want to improve the lighting and immersion of Minecraft.

Battle Royale

Of course, there’s a Battle Royale mod! Battle Royale is all the rage right now and Minecraft is no exception. You’re given a starting weapon and must survive while gathering as much powerful loot as possible to stay alive and become the victor.

Combat Pack

This mod is straight and to the point. Once you reach end-game, there isn’t much to do with all your diamond weapons and illustrious housing. The Combat Pack gives you access to advanced weaponry and vehicles, including a helicopter! Travel faster across the landscape and eliminate your enemies with explosive enthusiasm.


By far the best lighting and texture mod on the digital marketplace for high-end PCs, adding HD textures to everything imaginable. There is a second texture overhaul called Fastcraft, which beefs up the graphics for lower-end PCs in need of some assistance.

Mike Prazenica

Mike Prazenica

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