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7 Google Chrome extensions you should be using

7 Google Chrome extensions you should be using
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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The wide world of Chrome extensions makes surfing the web much better — and much more convenient. If you’ve ever used any extensions, you know how handy they can be. For that reason, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites below. Every Chrome user should download these extensions ASAP.

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7 Google Chrome extensions you should be using

1. Cite This for Me

Especially great for freelancers and students, this extension makes it easy to find citations for information. With just the click of a button, you can quickly cite the web page you’re looking for in any of four citation styles.

2. LastPass

Sick of having to remember usernames and passwords for a host of different sites? So were the creators of this genius extension. This tool keeps login credentials together in one place in a secure way. Stop searching for that crumpled paper in the back of your desk and bring your passwords to the future.

3. Pocket

This is another smart extension that allows users to save web pages and articles for reading to synced devices, easily bookmarking them for later. You can even download articles for offline reading, making Pocket one of the best apps for any travel where you’re out of Wi-Fi range.

4. HTTPS Everywhere

Keep your web browsing secure by using this extension to keep information private and safe. It works by encrypting web usage to HTTPS all the time. Make your browsing secure!

5. Honey

In a world full of online shopping, this extension helps users save a few bucks whenever they’ve added items to a virtual cart. Honey automatically finds and tests coupon codes for thousands of online stores, making it easy to save money.

6. The Great Suspender

For those who always have a billion tabs and windows open on their screen, this extension freezes any tabs when they’re not in use. This step saves your computer’s RAM usage. The tabs automatically go live again once a user clicks on them. Download this and enjoy your faster computer.

7. Momentum

Everyone’s always looking for ways to be more productive, and this extension helps with that. Momentum replaces new tab pages with a personalized dashboard that holds to-do lists, the weather, and even visual aids to keep you inspired.

These extensions are just a few of the many, but they’re our top picks across the spectrum. Try out one (or more!) today to improve your Chrome experience.

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas is a writer based in Austin, Texas. Since graduating from the University of Michigan, she's written for numerous web-based publications. In her free time, she enjoys running, camping, and learning Spanish. Every year, she asks Santa for a second season of Firefly, but she's starting to think Santa isn't real.

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