7 perfect movies to make the wait for GTA VI more enjoyable

7 perfect movies to make the wait for GTA VI more enjoyable
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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After a decade of waiting, we’ve finally received the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, along with the eagerly awaited release date for a title that will spread like wildfire among gamers. But we still have over a year before we can have this title on our shelves, so we have no choice but to endure the wait with other video games, series, or movies that get us excited. Recently, we showed you 4 TV shows that could serve this purpose, and today we bring you seven movies that fulfill the same goal.

1. Bonnie & Clyde

This new GTA seems defined by its protagonists. It revolves around a pair of criminals whose love makes their story as intense personally as it is in their criminal endeavors. That’s why the main reference we have is Thelma & Louise, a 1967 film where Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway portray a couple of robbers.

The references to Bonnie & Clyde are very clear from the trailer, and the relationship between both characters presents a modern yet well-adapted version of this myth. We’ll see if the betrayals and differences between them are also felt in GTA.

2. Scarface

Talking about Vice City means talking about Miami, and when you add crime to Florida’s capital, the movie that directly comes to mind is Scarface. Brian De Palma‘s 1983 film is one of the best of the 20th century and is undoubtedly worth watching beyond its relationship with Miami.

However, as a GTA fan, it’s an essential task to give it a look. It’s a movie that perfectly portrays the ethics—or lack thereof—of the video game and manages to concentrate in the character played by Al Pacino all the rage of a criminal of his stature.


3. Point Break

Although this movie is set on the California coast instead of Florida, both its storyline and its aesthetics perfectly evoke what we’ve just seen in the GTA VI trailer. In the film, a young Keanu Reeves portrays an FBI agent who moves to the city to investigate a gang of criminals.

Along the way, Reeves’ character must immerse himself in the city’s surfer scene and blend in with the environment. It’s a premise that could be perfect for a GTA game, but it also adds layers of betrayal, crimes, and trust that are common in the saga.

4. Bad Boys

“Bad Boys,” the iconic film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is another significant reference to consider for the upcoming GTA VI. The movie follows two detectives from the Narcotics Division of the Miami-Dade Police Department. Not only will the setting resonate, but also the relationship between the protagonists and its lighthearted tone.

With a satirical style akin to GTA, Michael Bay’s film manages to be as explosive, spectacular, and fun as one would expect. Undoubtedly, it’s a significant reference for a video game where, in the first trailer alone, we’ve already seen a crocodile entering a supermarket.

5. Carlito’s Way

Al Pacino makes another appearance—and he could make even more—in this list with “Carlito’s Way,”. In this film, he portrays a drug trafficker who, after spending time in prison, gets out and aims to distance himself from criminal life. But it’s not that simple, and soon he’s dragged back into the activities that led him to prison in the first place.

Undoubtedly, Brian De Palma’s style in directing Pacino in this film suggests that we might be looking at a spiritual sequel to Scarface. With a spectacular and action-packed tone, the movie is a clear reference not just for GTA VI, but for the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise.

6. Baby Driver

Let’s not forget that GTA essentially began as a video game focused on cars and racing. This aspect has remained consistent throughout all the titles and is an essential part of the franchise, with the sixth game seemingly emphasizing it even more.

So, if we want to satisfy our urge to drive on the streets of Vice City a bit, there’s nothing better than checking out “Baby Driver,” an excellent film by Edgar Wright starring Ansel Elgort, where heists, music, and cars are at the core. It’s pure top-notch action.

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7. Miami Vice (film)

In the list of reference series for GTA VI, we obviously included the wonderful series “Miami Vice.” However, it’s important not to forget that in 2006, there was a remake in the form of a movie starring Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell. It was a film almost on par with the series, directed by Michael Mann in his own style.

Even though the 2000s might not capture Miami as vividly as the original series did in the ’80s, the movie makes it clear that Vice City could be the perfect setting to develop a video game like Grand Theft Auto.

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