7 tips to get the best Black Friday deals

Black Friday, have become one of the most infamous holiday traditions. But, if you can’t get into the festive spirit without feeling like you have managed to net a few deals between Friday and Cyber Monday, then we have some tips for you.

1. Save what you want to buy in your “Favorites” before the excitement

If you have an interest in specific products, go to different shops and save the links. Then, you will be ready to check everything you are interested in the moment the sales start. You can even check which is cheapest by store.

2. Always check the original price

Before clicking “buy”, check the original store price. The shop is required to show it and, if it doesn´t, that’s a bit fishy – so it is worth double checking the price against a competitor.

3. Organize a “path”

Do you want to buy different things? Make a list of the different shops/sites you want to visit so as not to forget anything, and cross them off as you go. Also, keep this in mind is a store’s server fails under the inevitable onslaught of shoppers, keep moving and leave it on your list – you can always come back later.

4. Buy from stores with a good returns policy

Although you go in with a clear list, you will probably end up buying a few things unexpectedly. While all shops are required to accept returns, some make it easier than others. So, try to buy in shops that make returns simple. That way, if you regret something, you’ve only lost time and not money.

5. Follow your favorite shops’ social networks

Do you love certain brands of makeup, fashion, electronics or collectibles? The best way to know what deals are on Black Friday is to follow their various social networks. Facebook is great for this, as most shops will promote their various discounts there.

Remember: you can also make sure these posts can be seen first on your timeline, so you never miss a deal. Just go to Like on their page, and select how you want post displayed in your new feed, in this case “see first”. Remember to turn this off after the sales though.

6. Use price comparison sites

We know some shops and products are great, but if you are on an uncontrolled shopping spree, then it can pay to be safe. With sites like Ciao or Google Shopping, you can get useful reviews of stores, products, and prices to make sure your purchases will be hassle free.

7. Have a spending limit… and try to stick to it

Cap your budget and try to stick to it. Yes it’s hard, but so is not eating for the rest of the month. One way you can manage this is to transfer your sale budget to Paypal – then when you run out, call it a day.

We love to shop! Do you have any other tips to maximize the sales?

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