Alternative ways to view MS Word

Word logoMicrosoft Word must be the most widely used word processing application out there but there’s nothing more annoying than when someone sends you a Word document and you either can’t open it in Microsoft Office for some reason or you no longer have the suite installed.

There are other applications you can use in such cases to view Word documents fortunately. The most popular and effective by far is Microsoft’s own Office Word Viewer. The program lets you do just about everything you can do in Word except editing of course. Alternatively, you can try using Office Viewer ActiveX Control which simulates Word’s format using Active X although it doesn’t give you much scope afterwards for doing anything other than viewing it.

novaPDF is another alternative although it’s designed to convert Word documents to PDF. Finally, if you’ve got a Word document containing images, some of the above program may have trouble handling them in which case, PMView Pro can handle graphics embedded in Word.

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