App of the Week: Vivaldi, the new browser for the creator of Opera

App of the Week: Vivaldi, the new browser for the creator of Opera

This week’s App of the Week is the preview version of Vivaldi, a new browser designed by the former CEO and co-founder of Opera. With the goal of becoming community driven, Vivaldi aims to respond to user’s comments and feedback by rolling these ideas into future updates.

Everything about Vivaldi is aimed at making your internet experience easier and more intuitive. This includes taking the best from other browser, including Opera’s Speed Dial function that lets you quickly access regularly used sites, and Firefox’s customization options. There are also fully customizable keyboard and mouse gesture shortcuts for those who like efficiency in the browsing. And for multitaskers there is a simple sidebar to take you to all of your most regularly visited sites, color-coded tab management, and page tiling.

Still not enough? Well, while it isn’t in the preview build, the final version of Vivaldi also promises full email integration. Which makes sense to me, as I always check my mails in my browser.

With the ability to sync settings across Mac, Linux, and Windows devices running Vivaldi is a browser for all four seasons.

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