Apple TV+ is the house of science fiction: all this comes to the Apple service

'Invasion,' 'Foundation,' and 'The Changeling' are some of the standout series on Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ is the house of science fiction: all this comes to the Apple service
María López

María López

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Certainly, at Apple TV+, they have one thing clear: quality over quantity. While Apple’s service may not have the largest catalog, its dramas have managed to win over both critics and audiences. Cupertino’s team wants to continue this positive trend, as evidenced by all the upcoming additions to Apple TV+ throughout the year.


If you consider yourself a science fiction enthusiast, you can rest assured that Apple TV+ has you well covered. While the service has given us great series like the fantastic Ted Lasso or The Morning Show, over the years, they have decided to focus on works based in “other worlds.” Silo, Foundation, or Invasion are excellent examples of series that have managed to satisfy even the most demanding fans of the science fiction genre.

However, Cupertino’s team wants to showcase greater versatility in their offerings while not compromising the quality that characterizes them. Here are the confirmed release dates for the upcoming series, movies, and documentaries that Apple TV+ will premiere in the coming months.

Upcoming release dates on Apple TV+

Every Friday, we’ve received a new episode of Foundation, the series based on Asimov’s work. The next Friday, September 15, we will have the final episode of this season, which is much larger and deeper than the first one.

Likewise, the second season of Invasion continues its course. On Wednesday, September 13, we will receive episode 4, which according to its synopsis, “Jamila’s decision to cross the Channel Tunnel will pit the group against an even deadlier enemy.”

The Morning Show is also progressing with a new third season, and we’ll be able to see its first episodes starting on September 13th.

As for new series, Apple TV+ premiered The Changeling on Friday, September 8th, starring LaKeith Stanfield and based on Victor LaValle’s novel. Just like Foundation, its fourth episode will be released on Friday, September 15th.

Another new series coming to the platform is “Lessons in Chemistry,” set in the 1950s and starring Brie Larson. To watch it, you’ll have to wait until October 13th.

We also have “The Buccaneers,” set in the late 19th century, based on Edith Wharton’s novel of the same name. We don’t know much about it, except that it will premiere on November 8th.

And it’s not just about series. On September 20th, we can watch “The Super Models,” a documentary that discusses the meteoric careers of fashion icons like Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford.

We also have “The Pigeon Tunnel,” another documentary that tells the life story of David Cornwell, a spy known by his alias John LeCarré. It will premiere on October 20th.

If we’re talking about movies, you shouldn’t miss “Killers of the Flower Moon,” the film directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Although it will first be shown in theaters starting on October 20th, it will also be available on Apple TV+ a few weeks later.

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