BBC Sport app for iOS goes worldwide

BBC Sport app for iOS goes worldwide

The international arm of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has released its BBC Sport app for international users on iOS, with an Android version on the way. It allows you to access news and results for all major sports, with a customizable menu so you can always have your favorites to hand.

The BBC Sport app has the same clean design you see on their website, optimized for smaller screens. Currently it’s only text and images – the UK version has on demand audio/video. Due to international licensing laws, it’s unlikely that exactly the same experience will be rolled out to the worldwide app, but we could see it in a limited form soon.

While BBC Sport’s coverage is worldwide, US users will have to cope with Soccer being called Football, and Football being American Football! It’s quite basic now, and will be much more useful when it takes features from other apps, like notifications for scores, and more from its own web edition.

Download BBC Sport worldwide here.

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