Beginner’s guide to Monster Hunter: World

With Monster Hunter: World recently being brought to PC, a lot of new players have been struggling to get a grasp on the game. Whether you’re a veteran Monster Hunter player or new to the series as a whole, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Understanding the gameplay and environment

If you’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, then the gameplay might be a little confusing to start out with. It’s easy to see that this game is a third-person action RPG about hunting monsters, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Something that can be a surprise to many new players is how the environment interacts with the combat of this game. If you’re used to games where the enemies have a consistent combat cycle, then Monster Hunter will be a big change for you. While many monsters are set to act in a particular pattern, these patterns can change a bit, and the environment can be affected heavily by your combat. This can cause some interesting things to occur, such as having you and the monster be healed by a certain plant, or being able to trap a monster inside of a field. The weather and daylight can also change while on a mission, which can affect other aspects of combat as well.

Monster Hunter: World

Another main gameplay element is crafting new armor and weapons from their trees (which work like skill trees, though they are mostly just stronger versions of the previous type) in order to make better ones. You gain materials for these from defeating monsters and completing quests.

Choosing your weapon

Something that can be really overwhelming for new players is picking out their first weapon. Each weapon has its own playstyle, and some are more complicated than others. Since these weapons are essentially this games version of “classes”, it would be good to try out a few before fully deciding on which one fits your playstyle the best. Here is a little about each one to help you decide:

  • Long Sword: A fairly mobile weapon compared to some of the heavier ones, the long sword features a number of dodging moves that can be really helpful in a pinch. The weapon also has some range which can be useful to keep yourself at a distance.
  • Great Sword: A slow but powerful weapon that limits mobility, which can make combos a little difficult. This weapon is best used for its charged attacks which are devastating, but require good positioning.
  • Dual Blades: Probably the fastest melee weapon in the game, using dual blades is all about pure unstoppable offense. You want to attack as much as possible in order to transform into your demon form and later, an archdemon form. These forms will increase your power and speed even more, so you essentially build up damage as you attack.
  • Sword and Shield: The recommended weapon for beginners. The shield can be used for blocking, which not all weapons have. On top of this, its attacks are fast and you can use items while your weapon is out.
  • Switch Axe: A combo based heavy axe that can switch into a sword to unleash large amounts of built up damage.
  • Charge Blade: Basically the reverse of the Switch Axe. Players start with a sword and shield and charge up a gauge that can be unleashed by switching to a heavy axe form.
  • Hammer: This weapon is stereotypical: “incredibly slow but massive damage.” You sacrifice mobility and speed for huge amounts of blunt damage that can stun enemies at a close range.
  • Hunting Horn: A more supportive weapon. This weapon plays similar to a bard, where you play songs to strengthen yourself and allies. But don’t let the “support” concept fool you, this horn can still do a lot of damage.
  • Lance: One of the few weapons to have a shield. It’s very safe because of how long the lance is, on top of this. It’s more about slow defense damage than large amounts of it.
  • Gunlance: A slow but powerful version of the lance (and shield) with a gun at the end. One of the more powerful defensive weapons, with large amounts of ranged damage.
  • Insect Glaive: One of the more complex weapons. It allows you to summon a companion called a Kinsect that gives you different buffs and heals, while you fight with a fast polearm.
  • Bow: One of the few ranged weapons in the game. Bows use different coats to deal different types of damage (such as poison). They are also able to charge their shots for heavier damage, in exchange for the slow charge time.
  • Light Bowgun: The most versatile of the ranged weapons, the light bowgun essentially lets you use a variety of damage types with its primary ammo, as well as some traps with its secondary ammo. It’s one of the most mobile ranged weapons as well, considering how light it is.
  • Heavy Bowgun: Similar to the light bowgun, but deals more damage in exchange for low mobility and high recoil.

Be sure to check out the training area to practice with whatever weapons you want to try out. This will help you get a feel for them and learn their controls.

Save frequently

There is no autosave for this game, so you’ll be sad if you expect it to save for you.

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Use the multiplayer

While solo players get to use an adorable Palico to fight with them, taking down monsters with your friends can be just as fun. In fact, the multiplayer can really help you progress when you’re struggling, and can be really enjoyable. The best way to use the multiplayer is by having a Squad with your friends (which essentially works like a small clan or guild). If you have a lot of friends who you want to play with, then using the Squad feature is the easiest way to manage your multiplayer experience.

Eat before going out on missions

You’ll receive buffs by eating before every mission, which are incredibly useful. These are particularly necessary for later missions in the game when the enemies start to be hard without proper preparation.

Monster Hunter: World

Don’t be afraid to follow the tutorials

Monster Hunter: World features a large amount of tutorial information. You can look up any information you’ve already read through later, and if you forget something then don’t be afraid to go back and check it. This will help optimize your experience so you never feel lost on what to do!

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