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Best Christmas game events of 2021

Best Christmas game events of 2021
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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If you’re like us, you’re getting ready to settle in with your favorite games during your time off. It’s been a long year, and it’s probably been a while since you completed some missions. What we love about this time of the year is that some of the top game developers are providing special Christmas events during which you can earn unique rewards.

Here’s our list of the best Christmas games events in 2021 that are bound to give you bundles of joy. Please note that you need to own the titles on your PC or console to be able to access these events.

Ark Survival Evolved: Winter Wonderland 2021

What better way to spend these holidays than with your favorite dinosaurs in Ark Survival Evolved. For those that don’t know this game yet, it features you as a human survivor in a world filled with ancient creatures that you can kill or tame. You level up and earn abilities, unlocking new items along the way. There are various maps you can play for different experiences.

Every year, Ark Survival Evolved hosts a Winter Wonderland special, and 2021 sees the 6th release. It takes place between December 14, 2021, and January 6, 2022.

Here are some of the new items you can expect from this Christmas game event:

  • Raptor Claus makes a return, flying on its sled between midnight and 2 am while dropping Coal and Mistletoe
  • Gacha Claus is also back and will produce Gacha Crystals when you feed it Coal and Mistletoe
  • Some game elements have improved aspects, such as harvesting, breeding, and taming
  • New dye colors are available for the Christmas season, such as Jade, Dark Magenta, and Dino Light Red
  • You can place a Snowman, Christmas Tree, Holiday Stockings, and Lights
  • Some gift boxes are available to find with uniques skins for the season
  • New Chibi pets will be available
  • All items and skins from the previous Winter Wonderland will also be making a return
Best Christmas game events of 2021

Minecraft: Christmas skins and New Year celebrations

It’s been a busy year for the survival crafting game, Minecraft. We saw the launch of two massive packs, the Caves and Cliffs updates I and II. However, the fun won’t end there. There are three events you need to look out for over the course of the next few weeks.

The first concerns Minecraft Christmas skins and packs. The marketplace will be full of content creators offering new appearances and items for your characters and worlds. You should also keep an eye on Minecraft Realms, as there may be some Christmas events hosted by other players.

Secondly, the Minecraft New Year Celebration event is running from December 21, 2021, to January 4, 2022. There will be items on sale during this time, and you might also receive one of the free giveaways. Make sure you don’t miss any of the free creator maps and item drops in the marketplace.

Finally, the Minecraft YouTube Creator Skin Pack for Bedrock Edition is set to release within the next few weeks, which will be free for the first year. You’ll find various packs from at least 10 creators, adding diversity to your skin lineup.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Christmas deliveries

One game we probably spend way too much free time on is Euro Truck Simulator 2. We’ll definitely be starting up our truck engines again, as the Christmas Toys of Yesteryear Event 2021 is now live until January 16, 2022. Gamers worldwide will be taking to the streets to deliver as many gifts as possible across Europe.

Of course, it means working together as an online community. There are set milestones whereby you receive rewards for different tiers. As a personal reward, you’ll unlock unique items once you’ve delivered 15 presents. To access this Christmas game event, you need to apply for jobs in the World of Trucks external market that have the “Gifts” label on them.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Roblox Christmas Games: Welcome to Bloxburg!

Roblox game developers are always keen to create titles that match the season. Christmas games are no exception. A few of the more notable ones for 2021 include Snowman Simulator, Ski Resort, The North Pole, and Saving Christmas 2021.

However, there’s a massive Christmas event held every year called Welcome to Bloxburg. Players that take part in games during this event will receive a special badge with gifts on the logo. You’ll also see a variety of new items and actions, such as sledding, photo-ops with Santa, ice skating, and snowmobiles. You can see the full developer log for the update here.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Call of Duty Vanguard: Festive Fervor event

Another game franchise that’s always on top of holiday events is Call of Duty, with COD: Vanguard having the latest items. During Festive Fervor, you’ll have the chance to hunt Krampus, the demon that’s said to harass naughty children during Christmas. You can also take the fight to Elf Team Six for additional rewards.

The Festive Fervor event takes place between December 16, 2021, to January 5, 2022. It’s also available for Warzone Pacific and COD Mobile, with different rewards for each one. You’ll see special mission cards explaining what you need to do as well as a countdown timer for how long the event lasts.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Fishing Planet: Merry Fishmas!

Continuing with the Krampus Christmas game trend is Fishing Planet’s Merry Fishmas event. There are some crazy fish to catch if you want to save the festive season. To do so, you’ll receive new fishing kits designed specifically for them.

You can participate in Merry Fishmas from December 17, 2021, to January 4, 2022. The main goal is to catch specific fish that have stolen some of Santa’s items, such as the beard, hat, and glasses. You’ll need tokens to activate the Jukebox that will attract them, and there’s some magic bait to assist you. For some extra fun, you can make snowballs or inspect Christmas stockings for in-game gifts.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Fortnite Winterfest 2021

Back to the shooting action brings us to the Fortnite Winterfest for 2021. If you’ve been playing the battle royale’s Christmas game mode lately, you’ll notice that Spider-Man has joined the selection of skins from the No Way Home movie. Some unique quests are also available, which you can only participate in during this time.

The Winterfest for Fortnite is scheduled to last from December 16, 2021, to January 6, 2022. There’s a Winterfest Lodge you can access where you’ll receive a daily reward during the event. You’ll find plenty of new game modes, creator items, skins, and gameplay elements for you and your crew to unlock.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Among Us: Holiday Cosmicubes

Among Us has seen a resurgence in players with the latest update that brought new impostor and crewmate roles. Also included in the list of new features was Cosmicubes, which you could unlock with Stars. These items held special skins and outfits that you could place on your character to set it apart from the others.

Innersloth added some Holiday Cosmicubes on December 17, 2021, and we suspect there may be more coming. The items so far include the Snowbean cube that delivers six skins, three visors, 11 hats, and three nameplates. Each one contains a specific element of Christmas that you’re bound to enjoy with each game you play.

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Fallout 76: Holiday Scorched Event 2021

Welcome to the Nuclear Winter! Taking place from December 21, 2021, until January 4, 2022, the Holiday Scorched event returns to Fallout 76 for a Christmas game filled with mayhem. You’ll find unique Scorched creatures running around in festive clothes, and it’s your job to take them down for special rewards.

Some of the items from previous years Holiday Scorched events make a return, while there are new ones to decorate your home. These include Holiday Junk, holiday currency, unique ammo for these Scorched monsters, and so much more. You can use the new currency at a trader’s shop to buy new materials or gift wraps to make presents. 

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Stardew Valley: Feast of the Winter Star 2021

Finally, we have the annual Feast of the Winter Star available on Stardew Valley. On the 18th day of winter, the Mayor will inform you of the event and tell you to whom you need to give a gift. The festival takes place on the 25th day of winter in Pelican Town, where you will receive your present from a random player, and yours will be given to your recipient.

There are two other features to take note of. The first is that the towns are updated with Christmas decorations to put you in a festive mood. Secondly, you can attend Pierre’s booth where you can buy unique items for your home. 

Best Christmas game events of 2021

Are you ready to update for Christmas?

As you can see, there are plenty of Christmas game updates to enjoy this holiday season. While we only shared our favorite ones, you can be sure there are many more out there. If there’s a specific title with an event that excites you, please feel free to share with us.

Here are a few other guides you can have a look at regarding Christmas games and apps:

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