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14 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Netflix is an incredible entertainment experience that hosts plenty of movies, series, and games. While it’s available as various apps for PCs and mobile devices, you can also watch it directly on your Chrome browser. You’ll find a variety of extensions to install to enhance your experience.


Our list of the 14 best Chrome extensions for Netflix has add-ons for different purposes. A few of them may serve the same function, so you’ll need to see which one works best for you. Some add tools that aren’t available on the original application.

14 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix
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Top Netflix extensions for Chrome

Custom profile picture for Netflix™

You can set a profile on Netflix so that anyone else watching on your account won’t mess with what you’ve watched so far. There’s an option to select a profile picture, but it’s limited to the shows on the entertainment platform. Custom profile picture for Netflix lets you take any image that you love and turn it into a profile photo.

It also lets you randomize an image based on shows you’re already seen. However, it only works on Chrome. If you change the Netflix profile photo using the extension, it won’t apply to other devices, such as smartphones, gaming consoles, or televisions.

Custom profile picture for Netflix™ DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Watch Netflix Together on Chrome

This Chrome extension for Netflix is similar to Teleparty. You and your friend can watch Netflix shows and movies at the same time as long as you both have accounts. If you want to discuss what’s happening, there’s a chat section with emojis included.

Sometimes, Netflix updates may cause issues with the Chrome extension, but the developer is constantly updating Watch Netflix Together to fix the issue. There are also other customization options, such as changing your name in the chat or setting dark mode. 

Watch Netflix Together DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix Plus

There are nights when it can be challenging to decide what you want to watch. You scroll through the short plotlines, but there are no trailers, and you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy the movie. Netflix Plus adds an IMDB rating and trailer previews so it’s easier for you to choose.

The Chrome extension for Netflix is ideal for people who spend too much time heading to IMDB to see what the score is. It appears as a panel under the name of the show next to the play button.

Netflix Plus DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Chrome Language Reactor

Whether you’re learning a new language or watching a movie in a different one, it helps to have subtitles to understand what’s happening. Language Reactor is a Chrome extension that works with most video platforms. More specifically, it adds new functions to Netflix movies and shows.

Not only can you see subtitles in a different language, but you can activate dual sets at the bottom. There’s also a pop-up function to let you see the meaning of words or phrases. 

Language Reactor DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix Sync Party

Here’s another Netflix Chrome extension that lets you and your friends watch shows together. It adds the benefit of scheduling a time to join, but you’ll need to make sure everyone has the same time on their PCs. They won’t need to log in after you send the link. It’s as easy as joining your session.

One of the issues is that it lacks a chat mechanism. You’ll have to discuss the show with your friends on your phone or on a different Windows app. As per the developer, it was avoided so that you don’t experience any lag when using the Netflix Sync Party extension.

Netflix Sync Party DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix Go

Have you ever watched a series on Netflix for so long that the platform asks you if you want to continue watching? It can be annoying when you’re cuddling a blanket and don’t want to stand up to go to your computer. Netflix Go is a Chrome extension that removes that message completely, letting you binge for as long as you want.

It also adds the ability to skip the credits that appear after an episode for 15 minutes before Netflix automatically moves to the next one for you. There aren’t many features, so it’s simply a matter of convenience.

15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix Party

Don’t confuse this Netflix Party Chrome extension with the official Teleparty. It’s a different one altogether, but it offers slightly different features. For one, those joining your party won’t need to sign in to their accounts. You also have more control over the chats.

You’ll be able to see the timeline or duration of watching the show by the user names. Everyone can create avatars or profiles with unique names so you can identify who’s chatting. 

Netflix Party DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix 1080p

You may have noticed that watching Netflix on a Smart TV delivers a better sound and HD video quality than on a computer. The reason is that your PC may not have the required codecs or system tools to fun that quality. Netflix 1080p boosts your Chrome browser to force the video platform to play in 1080p with 5.1 audio sound.

You’ll find customization tools on the extension if you’re watching on an older PC with outdated drivers. With the recommended settings provided by Netflix 1080p, it automatically adjusts the visual options for your operating system.

Netflix 1080p DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Netflix GIFs

It’s fun sharing hilarious GIFs from your favorite shows in chats with your friends at the right moment. Netflix GIFs is a Chrome extension that lets you capture moments during an episode or movie that you think is suitable. All you need to do is press the G button on your keyboard, and the add-on will do the rest.

Once you’re done recording your GIF, it saves to the cloud and then downloads to your desktop. You’ll need to check to which folder it goes so you can share it at a later stage.

15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Custom Profile Photo for Netflix™

Here’s another Chrome extension that lets you change your Netflix profile photo to a custom image. When you enable it, a window appears so you can see the various alignment settings. You can upload any image you’d like, which will then save to your account on your computer.

Unfortunately, this extension suffers the same restrictions with syncing to your actual Netflix account. You’ll only see the custom profile photo on your computer, and it won’t be visible on your other devices.

Custom Profile Photo for Netflix™ DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube™

This extension is helpful when learning a new language while watching movies on Netflix. It provides dual subtitles, namely, the original language and another of your choice. When you click on words you don’t understand, a small dictionary pop-up will appear to explain them.

Language Learning with Netflix & YouTube also has several keyboard shortcuts to assist you with checking words and changing the playback. You can repeat phrases, go back to a previous one, or skip ahead.

Language Learning with Netflix & YT™ DOWNLOAD

Flickcall: Netflix Party with Video Call

Are you tired of watching Netflix shows with others in a Chrome extension party while trying to follow text chats? Flickcall: Netflix Party with Video Call provides the normal service of a watch party, but it introduces video calls. You’ll see everyone’s webcam videos appear as blocks in the chat section on the side of the movie.

Besides Netflix, it also works with other streaming services, such as Disney+ and Hotstar. It’s enjoyable when you want to pause and discuss the episodes, but it may become annoying if someone keeps talking over the show.

Flickcall: Netflix Party with Video Call DOWNLOAD

Netflix™ Extended

If you’re looking for a few more functions on the streaming platform, try adding Netflix Extended for Chrome. It lets you skip any show recaps automatically, end the closing credits faster, and provide movie ratings. There’s also an option to hide the preview text for an episode while it’s loading so you don’t see any spoilers. 

The Chrome extension is flexible, meaning that you can customize many of the settings. It may not work in the original Netflix tab you open, so you might need to open a new one or refresh it to get it to work.

Netflix™ Extended DOWNLOAD
15 Best Chrome extensions for Netflix

NETFLIX picture-in-picture control button

Would you like to watch a movie while working? While it may not be a productive solution, the NETFLIX picture-in-picture control button extension lets you pop the Netflix panel into a window that hovers over other windows. You can choose where you want it on your screen while working.

You’ll see a new icon in the bottom right corner of the Netflix video that activates the pop-up panel. From there, you can simply have the show playing in the foreground.

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