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The 14 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

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Russell Kidson

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Dark mode is all the rage right now. Whether we do it for aesthetics or ocular protection, most of us have some kind of dark mode feature activated on our mobile devices right now. I know I do. But about on your PC? Yes, while some PC apps and utilities come with dark mode built-in, there isn’t all that much official content out there to bring true dark mode to your Chrome browsing experience.

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best dark mode extensions for Chrome Give your PC that sultry look and stop squinting at your screen with our top picks below. 

The 14 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Dark Mode for Chrome

This is an incredibly useful free global dark mode for Google Chrome. Dark mode is really easy to navigate and operate. All you need to do once you’ve downloaded the extension is head to the options page and toggle the dark theme on/off. The extension also comes with a quick access option in your toolbar to make it even easier to enable and disable. Dark Mode also saves your preference, so you don’t need to activate it every time you visit a website. 

You also have the power to choose whether you want to exclude certain websites from Dark Mode with a handy switch in the options on each web page you visit. Within the settings, you can also create a list of the websites you’d like to exclude from Dark Mode. Simply list all the websites to include and separate each with a comma. You can add as many websites to this list as you’d like. Are you ready to take control of your Dark Mode experience?

Dark Mode for Chrome DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Google Docs Dark Mode

Google Docs isn’t an app most people use in Dark Mode. But it’s always good to know you can, should you want to. Google Docs Dark Mode is a free Google Chrome extension by Ivan Hidalgo. Dark mode for Google Docs is nothing new if you’ve used the app on an Android device and can be incredibly useful. If you’re one to work on a document late into the night, you will benefit from being able to do so without feeling like you’re staring directly into a light. 

The Google Docs Dark Mode extensions come with two primary options. You can choose to set the background of Google Docs to Dark mode and continue to work on the default white page, or you can make the entire experience a little less obtrusive by making the page dark too! The obvious non-Google Docs Dark Mode extension solution is to simply decrease your screen brightness. However, while this does make your screen less bright, it also makes it more difficult to see what you’re doing at night. Finally, a way to hit those deadlines at night without being blinded in the process. 

Google Docs Dark Mode DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Dark Mode for Facebook

Facebook is easily one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s such an easy way to keep up with the latest news, all while staying up to date with what your friends and family are getting up to. The majority of Facebook interactions take place on smartphones now, but having the app on your PC gives you access to your feed while away from your phone.

With Dark Mode for Facebook from Grubaster, you no longer have to strain your eyes or squint while trying to read your notifications. Instead, you can scroll to your heart’s content at any light level. Once you’ve installed the extension, dark mode across your Facebook experience is only one quick access button away. 

Dark Mode for Facebook DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

YouTube Dark Theme for Chrome

If you’ve used YouTube on a mobile device, you’ll be familiar with how much of a pleasure dark mode is. Now, thanks to MeryDev, you can experience the sheer bliss of a darker, unobtrusive theme on YouTube from your Google Chrome browser.

YouTube Dark Theme’s interface is easy to navigate. The extension is also relatively intuitive when it comes to customizations like changing YouTube’s font size and color scheme.

YouTube Dark Theme DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Night Mode for Instagram

This is a free dark mode extension for Instagram created by SmartLink. The extension is simple enough to operate and fills a definite gap in the market. Many users interact with Instagram through search engines such as Google Chrome, and having the option to do so in dark mode is always good. There are, however, pitfalls with this specific extension.

Users note that the extension takes a few seconds to take effect, so your Instagram feed will load in default light mode and then switch to dark. The extension also isn’t active by default. This is one of few dark mode extensions for Instagram, though, so it’s still one of the best comparatively. 

Night Mode of Instagram DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Canvas Dark Mode for Chrome

Canvas Dark mode is a free dark mode extension for Canvas by Rtdegrandis. The idea behind this extension is to bring dark mode to Canvas. The developer notes that this can help students protect their eyes from significant strain and support their circadian rhythm while they are busy with school work.

The extension doesn’t appear to have any significant faults and works well across devices. All the functions are there, you’ll just be able to work on projects while shielding your eyes.

Canvas Dark Mode DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Dark Theme for Google

Ever wanted to enhance the look of Google Chrome with a better dark mode? This is the way to do it. This free Chrome extension by MeryDev aims to improve the general look of your browser by introducing a few more customization options centered around dark mode. Traditionally, dark mode means a primarily dark grey interface with white text.

That all changes with Dark Theme for Google. With this extension enabled, you can change the color scheme that dark mode employs. Another cool aspect of Dark Theme for Google is that you can alter the text font on your browser, making it easier to read in all light conditions. 

Dark Theme for Google DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Super Dark Mode

Marketed as the best dark mode theme, Super Dark Mode by Hisoft is quite possibly the only dark mode extension you’ll ever need. While a lot of the extensions on this list are niche and work for only one or two web pages, this is a full-service dark mode experience for Google Chrome.

Some of the most recent updates have added support for Wix, Vimeo, and Google Hangouts, to name but a few. Super Dark Mode also lets you customize colors for specific web pages. 

Super Dark Mode DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Dark Mode Chrome

This is another full-service dark mode extension for Chrome. However, unlike the previous item on our list, this extension by DarkMode doesn’t let you manipulate colors. It does, however, provide a really smooth, easy-to-use, and lightweight interface, making it one of our top 15 dark mode extensions for Google Chrome.

As far as we have experienced, Dark Mode Chrome lets you use dark mode selectively and doesn’t automatically apply dark mode to every website. Being able to choose is always a good thing, but some users may prefer an across-the-board dark mode experience. 

Dark Mode Chrome DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Google Classroom Dark Mode

We have Zekerocks11 to thank for this next dark mode extension. If you’re a regular user of Google Classroom, you’ll no doubt enjoy access to dark mode while you work. This extension doesn’t have much use outside of making Google Classroom easier to interact with varying degrees of light. But that’s the beauty of it.

It’s only built for one purpose, and it fulfills that purpose incredibly well. Google Classroom is one of those utilities that would definitely benefit greatly from a proper built-in dark mode feature, but until then, we have this extension. 

Google Classroom Dark Mode DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Wikipedia Night Mode

Wikipedia is one of those websites that typically sees more attentive interaction than most others. While it is a really functional community-driven tool for learning more about the complexities of many subjects, its bright white interface can become a detriment with prolonged exposure.

Thanks to Grunbaster and Wikipedia Night Mode, you no longer have to stare at that stark white background. Now, you can spend even more time on Wikipedia without the risk of eye strain, headaches, or light sensitivity-related side effects. 

Wikipedia Night Mode DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Dark Mode for Salesforce

Essentially performing a similar function to the rest of the extensions on our list, Dark Mode for Salesforce is a free dark mode extension for Google Chrome. Salesforce is another utility that often requires increased attentiveness and concentration. Therefore, access to dark mode when using it is practically essential.

Apart from giving you access to dark mode within the Salesforce environment, this extension also comes with a night mode option. Differing slightly from dark mode, night mode expressly decreases your exposure to blue light which can be harmful to your vision with prolonged exposure. 

Dark Mode for Salesforce DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Dark Mode for Outlook

Jerboa88 also makes it onto our list of the best dark mode extensions for Google Chrome with his Dark Mode for Outlook extension. Like many of the more niche dark mode extensions, Dark Mode for Outlook is purpose-built to change the look of the associated utility.

In this case, Microsoft Outlook. The app can automatically detect Outlook domains and will change your browser page theme to dark mode for that particular page. You no longer have to strain your eyes or risk ocular damage from increased exposure to the harsh white background of Microsoft Outlook. Now, you can interact with Outlook in soothing, gentle dark skin. 

Dark Mode for Outlook DOWNLOAD
15 Best dark mode Chrome extensions

Charcoal: Dark Mode for Messenger

Our last entry for this list is a free Chrome extension by Andrew MIllman. Ease your eyes with this dark mode extension designed around Facebook Messenger for Chrome. Like the other extensions on this list, Charcoal: Dark Mode for Messenger is geared toward providing a more ocular-friendly experience when interacting with the associated app, in this case, Facebook Messenger.

The extension doesn’t do much apart from giving you access to dark mode in messenger, but you wouldn’t really need much more than that. You do, however, also have a choice between three dark mode themes for Messenger; Charcoal, Midnight, and Deep Blue playing off of Messenger’s native blue theme. 

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