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Top 7 online resources for helping you get a new tattoo


With tattoos becoming more accepted in the workplace, it’s no wonder we’re seeing a surge of tattoos among American. That said, finding the right tattoo parlor can be time consuming. On top of that, coming up with a tattoo design can be difficult if you’re not an artist yourself.

Thankfully, there are many apps out there that can not only find you the perfect tattoo parlor, but can even help match you up with an artist that will create the best design for you. Here are some of the best apps for helping you get a new tattoo. Some will help you with tattoo ideas, while others are perfect for finding the right tattoo parlor for you.

7 best apps to get the perfect tattoo

7. Tattoo Lettering Font

If you are looking for a lettering tattoo instead of a more visual one, then this app will be great for you. It can help you find the perfect font for whatever lettering you want. It lets you type out whatever you want, and try it in a variety of typical tattoo fonts. It’ll even let you view it in various sizes, which is helpful since not all tattoo styles are wearable at smaller sizes. 

Tattoo Lettering Font Free Download

6. Pinterest


While not a tattoo-exclusive app, this is one of the few forms of social media that provides a great source of inspiration and organizing visual ideas. This makes it a great resource for finding the right tattoo design for you. Not only that, but you can look at other people’s tattoo-dedicated Pinterests in order to get get some inspiration for your own.

Pinterest Free Download

5. Instagram


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As an alternative social media to Pinterest, Instagram can be a great source of tattoo inspiration, with many people showing off their tattoos and designs under #tattoo. There are also many Instagram accounts dedicated to tattoo ideas that can open up new possibilities that you weren’t expecting. Plus, it’s a great place to show off your new tattoo once you’ve gotten it.

Instagram Free Download

4. Tattoo Maker

A great choice for an app if you wish to create your own tattoo, and you’re not artistic enough to fully design it yourself. This app can make the process much smoother and easier for you, as it lets you take from basic designs and concepts and build upon them with your own work. The best use for this app is if you already have a basic image for your tattoo design, but want to build upon it in some way. 

3. TattooNOW

Similar to Pinterest, TattooNOW provides a variety of tattoo ideas in an easy and convenient way. You can see hundreds of artists and designs, specifically geared towards your own ideas. Unlike Pinterest, this comes from actual tattoo artists, so you know you’ll be getting something that fits the aesthetic of having a tattoo. It also means that many other people have actually used these images for their tattoos as well, so the artist will have a good idea of where it could go on your body.

2. Tattoodo

If you’re looking for a tattoo parlor or artist, then this app will make it easy and convenient for you to find someone close to your area. You can even follow artists on this app to stay up to date on their new designs. While normally you would use Google or another search engine to find tattoo parlors in your area, this app limits the search results to create a much easier experience in finding the perfect location. You can find out everything you need to know about a parlor or artist in an easy and convenient app.

Tattoodo Free Download

1. InkHunter

Maybe you already have a design in mind, but you don’t know how it will look on you. This app lets you edit tattoos into photos to see what it would look like. It’s perfect for helping you decide on where to get a tattoo, and to make sure that it looks good when you do get it!

While these are some of the best apps for finding a tattoo parlor, not all of them will help you make that final decision on what to get tattooed. Our Softonic Solutions community has that covered for you, with their own list of great tattooing resources.

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