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15 Best Translation Chrome Extensions

15 Best Translation Chrome Extensions
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Have you stumbled across a website that’s not in your native language? There are many companies that cater to various cultures and localizations, trying to enhance their stance in the industry. Fortunately, there are translation Chrome extensions that can help you read what’s happening on the page.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best 15 translation extensions for Chrome. The basic translators can help us when we need to perform research or understand website content in a different language. Others have unique applications, such as on comic books or community pages.

Google Translate

If you’ve ever needed to quickly translate some text, chances are you’ve searched Google for an online translator. Usually, Google’s own translation service is the first you’ll see appear on Chrome, letting you quickly copy and paste the words.

Google Translate is easy to use as a Chrome extension. When you’re on a page you don’t understand, just click on the icon and select “Translate this page.” You’ll need to set what your native language is the first time for future opportunities. You can also only translate specific sections by selecting the words and right-clicking.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Manga Translator

Many people love reading Manga comics online. We’ve watched several DragonBallZ shows on television, but the Manga gives so much more insight. The trouble is that the original online comics are usually in an Asian language, which is where Google Translate may not be so helpful. 

Manga Translator is an extension for Chrome that’s also available as an app for mobile devices. You only need to click the translation button, and the foreign words in the speech bubbles will transform into English. It only works for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Manga comics, and English is the only language it translates to.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Khmer Translator

If you live in Cambodia, you might be one of the Khmer people that enjoy reading in the Austroasiatic language. The symbols are beautiful, but it’s not a language that a standard can translate into due to the design. That’s where Khmer Translator for Chrome comes in.

When you highlight specific words, you’ll see a small rectangular icon appear with the Khmer words written inside of it. It works on most pages, but you’ll need to watch out for words that might not exist in the Austroasiatic language. The Chrome translation extension can only do so much.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Hmong Translator

Residents of Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, northern Vietnam, Hainan, Thailand, and Laos will love the Hmong translation Chrome extension. It takes any English text and translates it into the Hmong language. It also works the other way, translating Hmong words into English.

However, the translation service doesn’t specify which dialect of Hmong it’s translating to. There are a few variations from different countries, and you even get Hmong Americans with different ways of phrasing words. Still, it’s the ideal tool if you want to see the basic translation appear on the screen after selecting the words.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

The Easy Translator

The Easy Translator Chrome extension works much the same way as Google Translate, and there’s a good reason for it. The tool uses GT as the basis for its own translation services. When you install it, you’ll see a search bar appear to insert text. It will auto-detect the source language, but you’ll need to specify the output.

Other functions are more closely related to Google Translate. For example, you can select text and right-click to translate them to your chosen language. There’s also an option to translate the entire page. All it does is add a few more functions, such as the search bar.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Meeting Translator

Joining a meeting where they’re writing in a foreign language is sometimes challenging. You need to understand what they’re saying so you can respond properly. It also helps if they understand you, which is where Meeting Translator for Chrome helps.

You’ll set the meeting’s main language and yours while you’re on Google Meet. As the messages come to you, you’ll see them in your language. Conversely, any messages you send to the team will be translated into the meeting room’s language. It’s an excellent way to have proper communication so no one is confused.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

TransOver Chrome Extension

Would you like the translator to read the text to you in your native language? TransOver for Chrome lets you highlight text in foreign words and delivers a pop-up with the translation. For it to work, you need to head to the settings and specify what your default language will be for the browser.

You can also translate from your language to a different one. With the text-to-speech functionality included, Chrome will read the translated text to you. There’s also a tool to copy the translation to the clipboard if you need to use it in an article or for a project.

The 15 Best translation chrome extensions


While it has a simple name, the Translator extension for Chrome also uses the Google Translate API for the basic functions. You can translate any page you’re on or select a few words from the site. When you head into the settings, you can set the default language for all sites to your native tongue.

Where Translator differs is with how much information it displays for your translations. It provides the meaning of words and what type of words they are. If you need to hear how it’s pronounced, you can see it with a single click. There’s even a description available for phrases, depending on if it’s available in your language.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

MHX Wiki Translator for Chrome

Any gamers that play Monster Hunter Cross (MHX) will know that checking the Wiki pages for armor sets and detailed information can be a pain. Google Translate doesn’t work too well for the tables, and you may see a jumble of information. Bdfallen created MHX Wiki Translator for this purpose.

As soon as you install the Chrome extension, you can head to the MHX Wiki page and hit the translator. You’ll see all the valuable information you need for the game transformed from Japanese to your language. You’ll need to agree to some permissions for it to work properly on the browser.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Bridge Translate App

Most translator extensions are built with English users in mind. The descriptions and tooltips are all in English, which isn’t useful to people with foreign languages. The Bridge Translate App works with Japanese users in mind, helping to translate from and to Japanese quickly.

It also translates from and to other languages. For example, you can translate from French to Spanish if needed. Basically, Bridge Translate App is a Japanese version of Google Translate without the elegance. It mostly translates highlighted texts.

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The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Brave Translator for Chrome

We’d like to say you’d need to be brave to use this Chrome extension, but it’s not really that challenging. If you’re unaware, the Brave browser launched in 2016 but became more prominent in 2021. There are plenty of new tools you can use, and it uses Chromium technology.

So, where does Brave Translator come in? It’s basically a version of Google Translate that’s made for the Brave web browser. You’ll find exactly the same functionality, but it’s more compatible than GT for the browser’s design. It also provides a shortcut key to quickly access the translation service.

Brave Translator DOWNLOAD
The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

EachWord Translator – expand your vocabulary

One activity we love doing is learning a new language. Sure, we’ve given up now and again when the studying becomes dull, but there was no way to interact with the language in a useful way. With EachWord Translator, it makes it much easier to grasp specific words that you don’t yet understand.

When you’re reading an article in a specific language, you might find a word that tickles your fancy. You can select it with EachWord Translator on Chrome and quickly see what it means. By saving the word or phrase, you can access the flashcard at any time when you want to use it again.

EachWord Translator DOWNLOAD
The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

WordReference Translator

WordReference is a popular website that lets you quickly translate from one language to another. There’s a search bar where you input the source word, and then it will provide you with the translation. You’ll also find several dictionaries at the bottom of the web page.

The WordReference Translator Chrome extension integrates with the main site. Once installed, it performs the same function as the main site as soon as you double-click on a word or phrase. Unfortunately, the extension only works for English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian languages.

WordReference Translator DOWNLOAD
The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Furigana for Chrome

There are different types of Japanese text on JP web sites. Many of them use kanji, but you may want to see them in furigana. The Furigana Chrome translator does this for you after you select text, right-click, and select furigana. It even works on pop-ups that appear on sites if you need those translated.

There are also some occasions where you can see the English meanings of words, but it’s not always possible with this Chrome translation extension. It’s also to select the kanji text than is normally possible on the browser. 

The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Pixiv Plus

Known better as Pixiv Translator Plus, the Chrome extension integrates with the Japanese Pixiv community. In essence, the community consists of Japanese artists that share paintings and photography. It launched in 2007 from Tokyo and has been a popular platform since then.

For some reason, the developer of Pixiv Translator Plus thought it would be a good idea to translate some of the text to English. The basis is Google Translate, but the functions are adapted for the Pixiv community. We suspect only members of that community would find an interest in this Chrome extension.

The 15 Best translation chrome extensions

Read sites in your native language on Chrome

Translators really help when you visit a foreign site but want to see the contents. Some people use them for projects or research, while others are mainly for interest’s sake. Whichever your reason, it’s helpful to have Chrome extensions when you need a quick translation.

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