CCleaner 3.0 released with new Drive Wiper



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CCleaner, the popular free hard disk cleaning tool, has just been released in version 3.0 and features a new Drive Wiper which can completely erase a hard drive for you.

Drive Wipe can be accessed in the Tools section of CCleaner and allows you to choose whether to scrub only free space or an entire drive using three levels of strength – Department of Defense-level three-pass option, a National Security Administration-level seven-pass cleaning or a 35-pass Gutmann-level deep scrub.


There are several other interesting improvements too. You can now choose which Cookies you want to keep while cleaning and CCleaner prompts you whether you want it to keep your most recently used log-on cookies when cleaning:


There’s also improved support for cleaning files left behind by Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. Web Apps that use HTML5 database storage are also now included in CCleaner’s cleaning process. Finally, a few more System directories have been targeted for cleaning and CCleaner now supports 64 bit machines.

CCleaner is still extremely fast and effective although it’s hard to notice any major speed improvements. The developers Piriform also seem to have removed the prompt to install the Yahoo! toolbar when installing CCleaner but they have included an option to install Google Chrome instead:




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