Your company could buy you a Fitbit Inspire

You may have heard that Fitbit just released a new line of activity trackers – but you probably haven’t. That’s because you can’t actually buy the new Fitbit Inspire. Rather, the product is aimed at businesses and insurance companies so they can be given to their members in bulk. So the only way you’d get one is through your boss at work, or through your health insurance.

What is Fitbit Inspire?

Fitbit Inspire bracelet colors
Inspire comes with two colors, HR comes with three.

Considering their market demographic, it probably comes as no surprise that the Inspire is Fitbit’s cheapest model yet, with their price varying from company to company. Like other Fitbit products, Inspire is a health tracker that motivates you to reach your health and fitness goals by monitoring your activity, exercise, sleep, weight and more. Inspire is unique in that it’s available exclusively through Fitbit corporate via Fitbit Health Solutions.

What does the Fitbit Inspire do?

Fitbit Inspire Features
Fitbit Inspire is more attractive to budgeting companies than to its consumers

The Fitbit Inspire does exactly what you’d expect a Fitbit to do, and nothing more. Keep in mind that the Inspire is meant to be bulk distributed, so there’s a reason it’s a little lacking in frills and features. That said, you can’t deny that this is a cool device: Calendar alerts, calls, texts, activity and sleep tracking, and the famous ‘calories burned’ notification that puts a smile on your face while you’re going for a walk. You can also set the Inspire to ‘inspire’ you to get up and move at set intervals, and congratulates you for meeting your goals.

The Fitbit Inspire HR has extra features

The HR model adds a little extra to the Fitbit Inspire package with enhanced tracking and goal-setting. It syncs with your phone’s GPS and takes the calorie burn monitor to a new level with 24/7 heart rate tracking and more specific sleep stage tracking. The HR also comes with over 15 goal-based exercise modes to choose between when you’re setting your new regimen.

The basic version of the Fitbit Inspire is reliable and useful, but lacks a few of the bells and whistles of the HR. Both are solid choices for a company however, with lightweight, comfortable silicone bands and incredible battery life – up to five days! Both use similar touchscreens as well, and both are completely waterproof for those of us who like to swim for exercise.

Fitbit is waterproof
The new Fitbit Inspire is waterproof, making it a great device for tracking water sports.

All in all, the Fitbit Inspire is a nifty gadget with a handful of new features, but it’s not a high-end one-stop fix like the Apple Watch. In a way, this is for the best, though; it’s necessary for there to be a low-cost variation made available to the more general public so that it’s not just the more elitist or health-obsessed who are getting their hands these devices. Do you think that being more accessible to a wide crowd will make this more ubiquitous and successful than the Apple Watch?

Let us know in the comments below, and stay healthy!

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