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Craft engaging video quizzes with Camtasia

Craft engaging video quizzes with Camtasia
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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Creating quizzes for your videos encourages viewers to engage with your content. They can select answers, provide feedback, and select products they enjoy the most. However, you can’t simply place a survey in a video with a standard video-editing program. That’s where Camtasia is helpful


Our detailed guide shows you the required stems to create stunning video quizzes and surveys with Camtasia. Keep reading until the end so you can see how to make use of the top features for the ultimate viewer engagement.

How to create video quizzes in Camtasia

  1. Open or create a video

    The most obvious step is opening a video with the editing platform. If you don’t have the program yet, you’ll need to download Camtasia and install it if you want to proceed with the other steps. You can also create a blank video from scratch if you haven’t started one yet.

    Pay attention to the timeline at the bottom, as you’ll need to work in that space with your quizzes. You can also attach quizzes to specific media, such as music or images, but I’ll touch on this in the tips later.

  2. Add a quiz to the timeline

    Create video quizzes with Camtasia

    It’s time to add a blank quiz to your timeline. Go to the side menu and find the Interactivity option. When you click on it, it will show you a new tool that will add the quiz to your timeline instantly. You’ll see a small green icon appear on the time bar, and you can move it around to where you need it to appear in your video.

    If you plan on having more than one survey or quiz, Camtasia lets you add as many as you’d like up to about thirty. You can move them around in the right order or attach them to objects. However, you won’t be able to preview how they look in your video just yet.

  3. Adjust the quiz properties

    Create video quizzes with Camtasia

    It’s time to populate your quiz. Head to the right of the Camtasia window and look for the properties. You’ll need to show what type of quiz it is, such as Multiple Choice. From there, you’re expected to insert the specific question and the relevant answers.

    For multiple-choice, you’ll need to supply a few answers for the viewer to choose from, which you’ll see in the properties panel. You can add more questions to the quiz you have active. Also, there’s a checkbox for displaying feedback from other viewers that you can enable or disable.

  4. Preview your quiz

    Create video quizzes with Camtasia

    Have you tried to preview your video on Camtasia, only to realize that you don’t see the quizzes or surveys? Unfortunately, they don’t appear in the general preview mode. Head back to the properties panel and search for a small, square white box to the left of the quiz title. 

    When you click on the icon, you’ll see the preview for that specific quiz only. You’ll need to follow the same procedure for all your other surveys, which can be time-consuming. The only way you’ll see your entire video is by saving a local copy, taking us to the final step.

  5. Save and share your quiz video

    Create video quizzes with Camtasia

    Once you’re done and ready to see your complete video, head to the top and click on Share. You’ll see many options, but I recommend Local File for now. Camtasia will save it to your PC, where you can open the file and watch the content one more time before you upload it anywhere.

    If you’re satisfied, you can use the same Share button to load to several video platforms. The top selections are Screencast, Vimeo, YouTube, and Google Drive. You can then share the link of the uploaded video so viewers can complete your quiz.

How do Camtasia video quizzes work?

The most vital aspect of inserting Camtasis quizzes into videos is managing them on your timeline. If you have audio or image files on the time bar, you can quickly move them onto the quiz icon to merge them. It’s just as easy to separate them again.

There’s also a handy hide icon in the form of an arrow pointing up or down. When you click on it, you’ll enable and disable your surveys. Disabling them helps you work on the rest of your video presentation without the quizzes distracting you. Just remember to enable them again before you save or upload your video.

Create video quizzes with Camtasia
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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