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The Top 8 Digital Transformation Tools for 2023

Discover the top 8 digital transformation tools in our comprehensive 2023 overview

The Top 8 Digital Transformation Tools for 2023
Sabina Sher

Sabina Sher

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Industry analysts generally agree that for companies to remain competitive in 2023, they must fully adopt technology and deploy digital transformation software tools. Not only will digital adoption platforms reduce time-consuming procedures, but they may also enhance teamwork, workflow and speed of problem resolution for customers.

Don’t fear becoming part of this digital revolution; there are various digital tools out there that can aid your organization’s transition across various industries.

Investment in digital tools can save time and boost employee morale at work; here are eight digital transformation tools that will play an essential role in helping ensure the success of your organization in 2023.

Best digital transformation tools: a quick pick

We have compiled a list of top digital transformation tools that help businesses leverage technology and streamline processes. Here, you’ll find all the digital transformation tools you need, from project management tools for successful business operations CRM platforms that will improve the customer experience of your clients to accounting programs to automate processes.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)


Communication tools must remain accessible for all work models and locations for effective business development and digital transformation, whether your team operates remotely or uses hybrid work models. Remote teams rely on collaboration tools that offer custom bot creation as well as team channels for tasks like file sharing, client communications and project management. One such platform is FuseBase (formerly Nimbus), which makes these tasks simpler and faster for remote workers.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) provides an all-inclusive collaboration solution designed for client-oriented businesses and teamwork environments, centralizing communication tools such as content creation and other management features into one system to facilitate integration among systems.

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) offers various features designed to aid organizations in optimizing the benefits of their digital transformation efforts.

Who uses FuseBase (formerly Nimbus)?

FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) was created for client-oriented businesses of all sizes.

Best features:

  • Client Portals. Client portal provide clients with an efficient means of accessing project information. By centralizing updates, approvals and communication into one convenient hub rather than searching emails or multiple platforms individually for updates, client portals enable clients to stay organized while saving both parties time by eliminating emails awaiting responses!
  • Knowledge bases. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) provides knowledge base as a solution for digital content and collaboration management in organizations, providing knowledge managers with a useful resource to organize wikis, documentations and guides with crucial institutional knowledge that is accessible by their team and can easily be stored for quick retrieval in workspaces as relevant information hubs. Resources may also be stored and easily found within context.
  • Project management. Project management dashboard and tools play a critical role in the success of digital transformation projects. Project managers need to plan, execute and monitor multiple projects according to an established digital transformation strategy. Users of dashboards can set objectives and allocate resources efficiently while monitoring progress to enable decision-making. Kanban boards, part of FuseBase’ (formerly Nimbus) comprehensive project management toolset, make mapping out work processes simpler than ever. These visual representations of work processes clarify where tasks currently stand in their workflow and whether any tasks require further progress or attention. FuseBase (formerly Nimbus) Project Management makes time tracking effortless for both you and your clients, not only ensuring accurate invoicing but also giving an opportunity for an in-depth examination of where each moment was spent.


  • Free plan is available
  • There are multiple pricing plans to suit every need and budget, starting with just $9/month.

LumApps – Social Intranet Platform

Digital transformation tools for social intranets allow companies to connect their company apps to an intranet for easy use, similar to having an internal social media channel. Intranet solutions, when managed correctly, allow human resources, IT and internal communications departments to collect, store and centralize business data.

LumApps promotes information sharing and employee collaboration through a social intranet that connects to business tools. LumApps is the only platform that connects, engages and empowers all your employees—frontline workers and deskless workers alike—in an ultra-personalized, media-rich web and mobile app. By leveraging employee-generated video and rich community spaces, this scalable SaaS platform allows dispersed employees to share and collaborate effectively.

Who uses LumApps?
LumApps can be used by mid-sized to large organizations that have the need to connect their dispersed workforce.

Best features:

  • Create campaigns to prioritize your employees. LumApps Campaigns allows you to send relevant information at the perfect time to the people who need it. LumApps Campaigns enables communications teams to develop, plan, communicate, track, monitor and improve communication strategies.
  • Enterprise video management.  Videos are an essential part of any employee’s experience. They also enhance the overall work environment. LumApps play, built into LumApps, gives internal communications managers, HR and departmental managers complete control over video content without any technical knowledge.
  • Automate tasks to improve productivity. LumApps Digital Assistant intelligently guides employees with their IT, HR and Operations requests and initiates seamlessly automated processes such as reminders. This allows organizations to cut operating costs while their workforce can focus on mission-critical tasks.
  • Elevate employee productivity. Employee productivity is hampered by digital friction, which also damages the employee experience. LumApps Companion provides desk-based workers, mobile employees, frontline workers and other workers with the most intelligent and personalized way to access 3rd party app services and data.


Contact LumApps to get info about pricing.

Dropbox – Cloud storage software

Your business could be severely compromised if its data were to disappear unexpectedly, making cloud storage solutions the only surefire way of safeguarding against data loss while giving access to all essential files at any given moment.

Dropbox is one of the greatest innovative digital tools, helping users keep data organized while keeping work moving smoothly. Their mission is to use cutting-edge digital technologies in a user-friendly fashion for an improved way of working. What distinguishes Dropbox from other digitalization tools is their user-friendly organization, allowing all documents and photos to be stored in a central place where you can organize them the way that best serves you—whether that means accessing on a desktop, phone, etc. Sharing files becomes effortless using this user-friendly platform.

Who uses Dropbox?

Businesses of all sizes use Dropbox, among other digitalization tools and cloud storage services, for file sharing, collaboration, online backup protection, streamlining business processes and much more.

Best features:

  • Protect and store your files. Secure your files with password protection, file recovery, watermarking and viewing history.
  • Keep control over shared content. Trackable links let you know when someone opened and accessed a file. You can also turn off the access to any user at any time without impacting permissions for others.
  • Cooperate on projects. Video tools allow you to edit PDFs directly and streamline the feedback and approval process.
  • Manage your business. Automating manual processes is possible using digitization tools like eSignature Templates that make document reusing quick and efficient.


  • Plus – $9.99/month
  • Essentials – $18/month
  • Business – $20/user/month
  • Business Plus – $26/user/month

Pipedrive – CRM tool

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools can be an indispensable asset when it comes to meeting and satisfying customers more effectively. By harnessing data for digital transformation purposes, these digital transformation tools help businesses not only deliver personalized offers and services tailored to customer demand but also design products tailor-made specifically to that market segment.

Pipedrive stands out as one of the most trusted CRM tools, helping businesses with customer retention more efficiently while streamlining sales processes and completing tasks rapidly. Technology-enhanced activity-based marketing activities serve to optimize customers’ purchase journeys.

Who uses Pipedrive?

Organizations and sales teams that require CRM solutions to stay organized and on schedule.

Best features:

  • Lead management. Users are provided the ability to track leads throughout a process and create positive customer interactions, with this typically including steps such as lead generation, customer inquiry capture, lead filtering, grading distribution and qualification as necessary steps.
  • Pipeline management. Manage opportunities from their inception through order; gain insights into sales cycles; and track stages, values and probabilities of closing. Make sure you provide a superior customer experience while managing sales pipelines at individual sales rep, team, region or company-wide levels.
  • Document & Content management. Provide users with an interface for accessing, publishing and editing digital media files that comprise presentations, documents, images or any other related electronic data sources such as CRM systems. This could include presentations, documents or any related electronic media files.
  • Forecasting. Sales revenue projections can be made based on customer feedback, historical sales data, analysis of market surveys and trends, as well as salesperson estimates.


  • Essential – $12.50/user/month, billed annually
  • Advanced – $24.90/user/month, billed annually
  • Professional – $49.90/user/month, billed annually
  • Enterprise – $74.90/user/month, billed annually

QuickBooks Online – Digital Accounting Tool

QuickBooks Online is one of the premier small digital accounting tools, enabling you to run your business anytime from any Internet-enabled location. Used by more than 4.5 million customers worldwide, QuickBooks’ intuitive design ensures ease of use for each individual customer and facilitates time and cost-savings while speeding payment delivery. Organize, save time and speed up payment delivery with QuickBooks’ accounting solutions! It helps keep an eye on finances & expenses, create invoices, track inventory levels and manage payroll all from within one centralized platform!

Who uses Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks Online was specifically created to meet the accounting and financial software needs of small businesses, making it the premier solution available today.

Best features:

  • Accepting payments. Payment options such as card payments, eChecks and ACH transfers allow for efficient management of business, whether on-site, in-store or remotely managed. Use an invoice to request payments. Provide customers with payment links, or use QuickBooks GoPayment card reader and quickly receive them, efficiently managing business whether at its center, online storefronts or remote offices.
  • Inventory. Manage your inventory effectively with purchase orders and vendor management features while having access to import services/products directly from Google Sheets/Excel.
  • Designed 401(k) plans. 401(k) plans are designed to encourage employees to start saving for retirement early and attract the best talent by matching contributions and offering growth opportunities within your company.
  • Business funding. Apply directly through QuickBooks to see loan costs. Once approved, funds will arrive within 1 or 2 days in your account without incurring penalties and save on interest with repayment of the loan without late penalties or additional interest costs.


  • Simple Start – $15/month
  • Essentials – $30/month
  • Plus – $45/month
  • Advanced – $100/month

CircleCI – CI Tool

Integration and deployment tools are vital tools to enable digital transformation. Developers can utilize Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment software to establish a workflow, triggering pipeline builds whenever there are updates in a version control system. By including security checks, code quality tests and unit tests as part of their build pipeline development, teams can increase efficiency while ensuring timely feature delivery.

CircleCI is one of the premier digital transformation tools, serving as an integrative and delivery platform. As such, CircleCI enables companies to transform code from ideas into fully-fledged products more rapidly. Widely acknowledged as a DevOps tool with over one million builds processed daily, CircleCI gives businesses insight into team operations as well as code performance through usage statistics.

Who uses CircleCI?

CircleCI is trusted by hundreds of companies looking to transform ideas into products more rapidly.

Best features:

  • Available hosting options. Select the best hosting option for your requirements. CircleCI offers continuous integration in the cloud storage with self-hosted runners or CircleCI installed on your own server.
  • Maintenance overhead is eliminated. This cloud-hosted computing allows your team to focus on shipping software instead of maintaining infrastructure.
  • Improved developer productivity. CircleCI is a DevOps tool that helps you optimize your development processes from the beginning. 
  • Insights. CircleCI Insights Dashboard summarizes how your build process is performing with aggregated time series data, credit usage rates and pipeline length.


  • A free plan is available
  • Performance – Starting at $15/month
  • Scale – Starting at $2,000/month
  • Server – Custom pricing

ClickUp – Document Management Software

Document digitization is the first step for businesses to take for a successful digital transformation. They cannot transform into a digital workplace without moving from paper documents to paperless offices. An effective DMS is essential to any enterprise that relies heavily on documents and wants to manage, retrieve, store and update information with accuracy as well as keep tabs on it all.

ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity digital transformation platform designed to eliminate silos in work. As the central hub for teams to collaborate, plan and organize work using Tasks, Docs and Chat, these digitalization tools help find documents faster while integration and deployment tools enable project teams to effectively track document changes without losing information effectively. ClickUp provides customization features via mouse-click customization so teams can work efficiently while saving countless hours every week by replacing repetitive tools; plus, it comes complete with several great CMS (content management system) features!

Who uses ClickUp?

Ideal for teams looking to eliminate silos at work, increase productivity and work faster on an intuitive platform.

Best features:

  • Everything view. ClickUp’s Everything view is designed to quickly locate anything within its hierarchies, giving a bird’s-eye view of tasks at every level in your organization and providing filter and sort options that meet individual requirements and accelerate digital transformation journeys.
  • Automation. Use 50+ triggers and conditions to automate repetitive tasks and processes with prebuilt automation recipes or customize them according to your unique requirements.
  • Relationships. With Relationships, you can create the ultimate visual database. Connect tasks, documents and integrations so everything can be managed from one central place.
  • Document Management. Share and document anything with your team using ClickUp Docs! This document-sharing solution makes collaborating on new product ideas, tracking bugs or taking notes during meetings easy.


  • Free plan available
  • Unlimited – $7/member/month 
  • Business – $12/member/month 
  • Enterprise – Contact Sales

SmartRecruiters – Recruitment Management Tool

Onboarding and recruitment have a lasting effect on your company’s corporate culture, profitability and performance; that is why investing in recruitment management tools and communication tools that streamline these processes should be prioritized.

SmartRecruiters empowers talent acquisition departments to hire people by freeing them from traditional applicant tracking software’s constraints. Over 4,000 clients trust SmartRecruiters as their digital adoption platform; Bosch, Skechers and Visa have chosen SmartRecruiters as an indispensable hiring platform.

Who uses SmartRecruiters?

SmartRecruiters is the best choice for digitally mature companies with critical hiring requirements. It offers world-class functionality, support and an ecosystem of applications and services from third parties.

Best features:

  • Standardize interview criteria and process evaluation. Establish evaluation criteria to enhance interviewer quality; facilitate collaboration among hiring teams for faster recruitment velocity.
  • Save money while improving compliance. Collect all the employee data needed in one convenient place, saving both risks and compliance exposures as well as your overall cost of ownership. Robust API endpoints provide custom integrations so data transfers into HR systems quickly.
  • Engage new hires.  Engage new hires by setting clear deadlines and automating tasks as part of an onboarding process using automated communication tools while prioritizing activities such as verification of eligibility and access client management.
  • Attract and retain qualified candidates. Attract and retain qualified candidates by using communication tools to attract them; expand recruitment efforts with channels; promote job ads widely; and give applicants an innovative yet personalized application experience.

Contact SmartRecruiters to get information about pricing plans. 

Summing Up

Driving transformation within an organization can be challenging, particularly when it comes to challenging the status quo. Success lies in garnering support from leaders within your organization. By using cutting-edge digital adoption platforms mentioned here, you can overcome limitations and shape a more promising digital future. These eight digital transformation tools offer assistance for companies seeking change quickly while streamlining processes more seamlessly than ever. Among these, at the top of our list is FuseBase (formerly Nimbus), a platform we highly recommend. With these tools at your fingertips, you will be better equipped than ever to lead companies toward their digital destiny.

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