Download Cry of Fear, a free horror game for Windows

Cry of Fear is a free horror game, and it’s available to download from Steam. It was originally a mod for Half Life 2, but has now been released as a stand alone game you can download free.

A survival horror game, you play Simon, a character scarred by being alone most of his life, who wakes up after a car crash. Soon you discover something is not quite right any more, and a darkness is spreading, filled with horrific monsters.

Unlike last year’s free horror hit Slender: The Eight Pages, Cry of Fear has a fleshed out story, as you discover more about Simon and the horror that surrounds him. The Half Life 2 engine might be aging, but this is a surprisingly good looking game, and it’s certainly scary. Play this one with the lights off.

Cry of Fear is Windows only, and runs on XP, Vista, and Windows 7 or 8.

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