Over 60 Google Docs templates

Over 60 Google Docs templates
Patrick Devaney

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The Google Drive suite of productivity apps has taken the world by storm. Google Docs is kind of like the hip younger brother of Microsoft Word. It is free for a start, if you’ve got a Google account, but then it also has lots of modern new features like the fact you can use it anywhere on your web browser, it makes it really easy to collaborate on different projects, and you can even get down to business using the Google Docs app on your phone.

The best templates for Google Docs

Being the younger brother, however, means that it isn’t as refined as Word and that it doesn’t come with as many potential add-ons and templates as you can get with Word. We’re here to tell you today, however, that when it comes to Docs templates the Google upstart is catching up with Microsoft Word. There are plenty of great Google Docs templates already available online and today we’re going to walk you through the best of them.

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Templates for Google Docs

The Google Doc Template gallery

Google Docs actually has its own template gallery that you might not have noticed before. When you open the Google Docs homepage, you’ll see at the top next to the Start a new document icon a few example templates that you could use. These include templates for resumes, letters, and project proposals. Above these you’ll also see a small button labelled Template Gallery. Clicking this will open up the Google Docs template gallery that has 54 different templates for you to choose from. These include resume templates, letter templates, business letter templates, recipe templates, brochure templates, and newsletter templates among others.

This gallery isn’t an exhaustive list, however, so we’ll push on to recommend you some more great Google Docs templates. The other great thing about Google Docs, is that when you open one of our recommended templates it’ll go to your recent documents meaning it’ll be there next time you open Google Docs.

Google Docs templates resume

resume template

There are plenty of fantastic Google Docs resume templates out there that will help you lock down that job you’re after. With recruiters often having to go through hundreds of CVs and resumes it is more important than ever to have a resume that will stand out from the crowd. That is where these great free resume templates for Google Docs come in handy. You could try this Smart and professional resume template or go for something a little cleaner. Other options include this colorful resume template that contrast blue against white and this bold resume design that will catch anybody’s eye.


Google Docs templates cover letter

Cover Letter Google Docs template

To go with that jazzy resume, you’re going to need an eye-catching cover letter. Fortunately, we’ve got some great cover letter templates for you. You could pair up the clean resume template from earlier with this minimalist cover letter design that looks very clean and clear. If you went for the blue and white resume earlier then this striking cover letter template could work well for you. Obviously, you’ll have to play around with fonts and job titles a little, but these are a great starting place.

Google Docs templates invoice

invoice templates for google docs

If you run your own business or if you work as a freelancer, chances are you’re going to have submit invoices regularly. This means having a reliable source of invoice templates is a must, unless you constantly want to have to draw them up from scratch every time you need one. Fortunately, you’ll be able to find a lot of invoice document templates for Google Docs at Superside. Another great place to find invoice templates is at Invoice Simple. As the name suggests, Invoice Simple specializes in helping you sort out all your invoicing issues. This means you’ll also be able to find invoice templates for Google Sheets as well as Google Docs.

Google Docs templates brochure

brochure template on Google Docs

Brochures are another key ingredient of the modern business. Whether you print them out and distribute them physically or share them digitally online doesn’t matter. A well designed and organized brochure is one of the key marketing and communications tools of the modern world. Again, there are lots of great templates here for you to take advantage of should you want to create a template using Google Docs. You’ll find some excellent Google Docs brochure templates at Envato Tuts+ and for more excellent options check out

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Google Docs templates business cards

business card templates

Another staple of the business world here. Business cards have been given out by professionals for centuries. Handy little pieces of cards that carry all your major contact details are practical in the extreme sense. OK, these days they have websites and email addresses on them, but the basics are the as they ever were. For some excellent premium business card templates check out the Stand Out Shop. You will have to pay the Stand Out Shop templates but you’ll find some great free options at Every Last Template.

Google Docs template calendar

Google Docs calendar template

If you’re looking to create a calendar using Google Docs, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that has an excellent guide that will walk you through the process. If, however, you’d like to get your hands on some Google Docs calendar templates that will do most of the hard work for you then you should check out Smart Sheet, which has all sorts of different types of calendar templates for both Google Docs and Google Sheets.

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