Dropbox introduces multiple account switching for business users

From April 9th, Dropbox users will be able to easily switch between business and personal accounts. It’s a cool feature, as switching between Dropbox accounts has never been easy.

Dropbox has been focusing on its business accounts recently, and there are now 4 million businesses using the cloud storage service, but this has created a problem for some of the 200 million personal account users. Dropbox was never designed for multiple accounts, so if you need to switch between a personal and business account, you currently have to log out, and back in again.

With the new switching system, business users will be able to easily switch to their personal accounts. Dropbox has made it very clear that there won’t be any security concerns for businesses – admins will be able to restrict the use of some files, so they can’t be moved into personal Dropbox folders, for example. Users can relax in the knowledge that automatic photo uploads will always go to their personal accounts.

While this is good news for business account users, it still doesn’t allow for multiple personal account switching. It makes sense for Dropbox to restrict that, or people might get multiple free accounts registered to different email addresses fore xtra free space.

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Source: The Verge


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