Elon Musk has not undergone therapy and wants the public to know

He will also put it on his tombstone.

Elon Musk has not undergone therapy and wants the public to know
María López

María López

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Last Wednesday, Elon Musk posted a curious message on his profile where he claimed to have never received therapy. In fact, he is so proud of it that he even wants to immortalize it on his tombstone.

The truth is that Musk’s post doesn’t contain anything special. Just take a look at X to find hundreds (even thousands) of very similar claims. However, it must be something very important for the South African, as he hasn’t stopped talking about it.

On January 8th, Musk posted the following message in response to a post about Harvard students and mental health: “Please put on my tombstone ‘Never went to therapy‘ and ‘Invented farting cars‘. Those are my only requests.” Below is the original post.

Later, on January 29th, he posted the following in response to the death of Wernher Herzog, film director: “He’s dead, right? Please put ‘Never went to therapy’ on my tombstone”.

Now, on February 28th, he insisted on the same topic again: “Put ‘Never went to therapy’ on my tombstone”.

Ironically, Musk has reiterated on several occasions the struggle he maintains against his mental health issues. Just recently, during his appearance on Lex Fridman‘s podcast, the South African described his mind as a “storm”: “My mind is a storm. I don’t think most people want to be me. They may think they want to be me, but they don’t know, [people] don’t understand it.”

However, mental health is not a topic that should be taken lightly. According to a study conducted by the INE, in 2022, 4,227 people died in Spain from suicide and self-harm. Furthermore, this is a figure that sadly continues to increase every year. If you think you may be going through a difficult situation, here are The Suicide Prevention and Crisis Lifeline of the United States and the Spanish helpline for suicidal behavior.

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