Erase an image’s background instantly with this awesome free tool

Having to purchase Photoshop or download a paid app to do anything other than crop or add a filter to your photos is now a thing of the past. Instead of trying to figure out layers and painstakingly trace strands of hair, we’ve found something that will do it all for you. is a really convenient and easy tool that allows you to remove the background from images in less than a few seconds. example pic

How does it work? The tool uses some sweet AI tech that was trained on people so it can differentiate between a subject and the background so at the moment it can only be used with photos of humans, but the people over at say that they’re working on being able to support other kinds of images. group example pic

Another great thing – it doesn’t save any of your data, but if they ever want to, they’ll ask you first. We know what you’re thinking, and no, your images won’t be stored and used to create an android with your face. Don’t worry.

There you have it. Your picture of yourself standing in your bathroom is now free to become you standing on a beach in Ibiza on Spring Break! The possibilities are endless. Try it right now!

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