Ex Rockstar employee claims GTA V for PC has been cancelled, makes internet angry

Ex Rockstar employee claims GTA V for PC has been cancelled, makes internet angry

Following rumors that GTA V for next-gen consoles and PC will be delayed until early 2015, an ex-employee of developer Rockstar claims that it could be cancelled on PC altogether. This sounds unlikely.

Now working for marketing firm Rantic, the source is only named as ‘Brad’ by Fox Weekly, which talked to the company. He claims that Rockstar only started PC development of GTA V after pressure from gamers, but it could now be cancelled due to ‘corporate problems’. Responding to the rumor, it appears that GTA V PC fans from 4chan have taken down the Rantic website, leaving a message in its place:

Is this cancellation likely? Rockstar announced GTA V for PC and nex-gen consoles at E3 in June, but the lack of further announcements at Gamescom has made some people nervous. Rockstar, however, tends to do things its own way. An absence of announcements by the company should not be taken to mean anything. Rockstar has the resources to make a PC version of the game, and the ‘corporate problems’ cited in the Fox Weekly story sounds bogus, as they aren’t explained at all.

It may be that GTA V for PC is delayed, but with no word at all from Rockstar, it’s best to take all rumors with a grain of salt. Until it says otherwise, perhaps it’s best to assume that GTA V for PC and next gen consoles will be released in fall 2014, as announced in June.

Source: Fox Weekly

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