Farm Heroes Saga: 6 tips to level up

Farm Heroes Saga: 6 tips to level up

Save your moves, get free power-ups, and accumulate points. All this and more with our tips for Farm Heroes Saga!

Farm Heroes Saga (available on Android, iOS and on Facebook) is one of the latest hits from King, creators of Candy Crush Saga. You play the two games in exactly the same way (you must collect items of the same type) but the strategies to succeed are different.

After hours and hours of play, successes and failures, I’ve compiled a sure-fire strategy for getting through the levels, losing fewer lives and, ultimately, having more free time to play Farm Heroes Saga!

The importance of combos

The essence of Farm Heroes Saga is very simple: meet the plant-gathering objectives indicated. You must always stay within the number of moves given, so the more pieces you delete in a single play, the better.

Making rows with more than 3 items works well not only to fill that particular plant, but also gives you other benefits. So, keep in mind that:

– A row of 4 adds a point to all the items you have around you and eliminates those of the same type

– A row of 5 means all items of the same type on the board are automatically removed

Don’t rush! Instead, focus on finding combinations of 4 or 5 and you’ll reap the benefits!

Similarly, unless you keep within very few moves, feel free to create rows of 4 or 5 elements even if they’re made up of a plant that you don’t actually need for that level. For example, perhaps in one level you need to collect strawberries and apples…but at one point you can form a row with 5 drops of water…do it! By removing all drops on the screen, it’s highly likely that several more rows will be formed and your count will go up having wasted only one single movement.

Don’t waste your beans

Green beans are achieved throughout the levels, and the more you get, the better. They allow you to do two things: make the levels with Rancid the Raccoon easier or buy some boosters.

Rancid’s levels aren’t hard compared to some normal levels, so don’t buy help with the beans. It’s better to accumulate Magic Beans to buy the shovel booster (for now, there’s not other way of buying boosters), which will be very useful, as you’ll soon realize.

Use your boosters wisely

Unlike other games from King, in Farm Heroes Saga you’ll always get boosters for free – once you’ve used a booster you just have to wait for it to recharge (24 hours) and you can reuse it.

Even though you’re not going to run out of boosters, though, doesn’t mean you should waste them. Use your head!

My recommendation is that you wait to use a booster at the end of a level (when you’ve got only 4 or 5 movements left) and that you try not to use more than one per level.

I’ll give you some tips for using each:

  • Shovel: Use it to unlock a locked section (e.g. frozen) that prevents you from making rows. Remember you can buy more with beans
  • Tractor: Use it to eliminate a row with many plants of the type you need, especially if you only have a few moves left
  • +1: Use it if you only have a few moves but many harvests of all types to get
  • Dog: Use it when you’re missing many elements of a particular type and there are many on the level
  • Egg: Opt for this one when there are lots of eggs on the screen but they are scattered and you can’t make combinations with them

Pay a visit to Farm Club

Farm Club is a feature that lists the animals that you’ve unlocked. If you unlock the three indicated in each one you can exchange them for different boosters.

Farm Club

From time to time make sure you check the possible combinations of animals and click on any of them: it’ll direct you to levels to get more animals.

Change the boosters that give you the animals when it suits you and remember not to waste them, as I explained in the previous step.

Combine your animals carefully

What you should know about the special boxes

In Farm Heroes Saga it’s not all conventional boxes, there are several types of boxes with special characteristics. Here’s a key to better understand them and get more out of them:

  • Boxes with flowers: to free these you must collect fruit in the adjacent squares. Try to make combinations that match with more than one flower, so less moves are required to free them. For example, in the image below: the carrot combination will affect two flowers at the same time.

Flower boxes

  • Eggs and chicks: Three eggs together form a broken shell, and three broken shells equals a baby chick. Note that, unlike other items, collecting more than three pieces of eggs together will generate no special effect.

Eggs and chicks

  • Frost zones: frozen sections can’t be moved and can only be eliminated if you combine identical normal elements. Keep this in mind when advancing and make use of the shovel on these pieces to move forward.

Frozen ground

  • Grassy areas: when you put pieces together in an area of ​​grass, each will give you more points than normal. Therefore, when you’re in levels with greenery, target your efforts on that point to get more points with a single move.

Grassy areas

Enjoy Hero Mode

If you followed the tips above you’ll probably have leftover moves on some level; take advantage of them to get high scores.

Hero Mode allows you to use the remaining moves as you like, without having to worry about objectives. Also, each move you make causes points to be accumulated in crops.

More points means moving up in the rankings among (or ahead of!) your friends and getting more beans. Not bad, huh?

Hero Mode

Follow these tips…or do whatever you want!

These tricks are just some of the strategies that you discover by playing Farm Heroes Saga. As we always say, everyone has their own techniques that work for them. We’d love you to share techniques you’ve discovered.

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