First look: Google Music Beta

First look: Google Music Beta

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced the launch of a cloud-based Music Beta web app.  The goal behind the new service is to allow users to upload music into a cloud-based storage system that can be played virtually wherever you are, so long as you have a computer or an Android smartphone handy.

Google is allowing select users in the to give the service a try by invite-only. Here are some of the features Music Beta’s got going for it.

Free song packs for your music library

Everyone likes free songs. Music Beta takes it one step further by letting you select your favorite genres of music and adding songs it things you’ll like into your music library. It’s a useful feature that’s similar, albeit not quite as advanced, as the Genius feature found in iTunes. The fact that the music you receive is free should be ample compensation though. You can listen to this free music almost anywhere you have an internet connection on either your Android smartphone or via Music Beta on the web.

A music manager desktop app

If you’re an avid song purchaser, you’re going to want to keep your Music Beta library updated on a regular basis. During the account set-up process, users are provided an option to download and install a desktop music manager. This small app will check for updates to your music library wherever you store it on your computer and automatically upload new songs to your Music Beta library. Or, in the alternative, you can manually pick and choose the songs you want to add in no time flat.

Instant mixes

Another cool feature that’s included with this beta version is the ability to instantly create a mix of 25 songs. Simply pick a song whose genre is the one you want to listen to and Music Beta will automatically add 24 more songs to a mix in a matter of seconds. No more need to spend an hour searching for the best tunes to put together. The instant mix option will do it for you. If you’d rather create your own playlists though, Music Beta offers that option as well.


Some music lovers might not see the point in signing up for another service like Music Beta. If you have an MP3 player with you at all times, why even bother? But Music Beta is not only a great way to listen to music if your MP3 player’s just not within reach – it is also a convenient way to store back-ups of your music files. You can listen to your music virtually anywhere with Music Beta, even on a public computer. And, considering the neat (if a bit sparse) features available in this preliminary version of the app, future versions hopefully promise to expand upon the innovation and provide even more options for diehard music lovers.

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