Fortnite: Ice Storm Challenges and Event Guide

Fortnite - Battle Ice Monsters

Fortnite players were treated to a new event this weekend: the Ice Storm. The event kicked off on Saturday, with the arrival of the Ice King.

Many players noticed that a strange figure had appeared in the game, suspended in a frozen orb high above Polar Peak. On Saturday, the event revealed that this figure was none other than the Ice King, who burst out of the orb and summoned a fierce winter storm that blanketed the entire Fortnite island in snow and ice.

With the event comes a new series of challenges, the Ice Storm Challenges. These began to appear on Saturday and will unlock over the next several days. You can complete these special Ice Storm challenges to earn extra XP.

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Fortnite players who were around in October of last year will find this event very familiar. It’s very similar to the Fortnitemares event. The creatures you’ll battle look very similar. They’re Ice Monsters instead of Cube Monsters, but they more or less act exactly the same.

Read on for a complete list of all the Ice Storm challenges as they are revealed.

The Ice Storm Challenges

The Ice Storm daily challenges are unlocked at the rate of two per day, and there are a total of 13 challenges to complete. Check back here often to see how to complete all of the challenges as they unfold.

  • Complete Ice Storm challenges (6)

    This challenge rewards a special weapon wrap once you complete 6 of the other daily Ice Storm challenges.
  • Destroy Ice Fiends (250)

    These are the smaller ice monsters and they’re very easy to kill, especially with a crossbow.
  • Deal damage with explosive weapons to the Ice Legion (5,000)

    In this challenge, you need to do damage to any type of ice monster with any type of explosive weapon. Load up with a rocket launcher or grenade launcher and aim into groups of the ice monsters to quickly complete this challenge.
  • Destroy Ice Brutes (100)
    These guys are bigger and tougher than the ice fiends, but a few well-aimed headshots with a crossbow will take them down quickly.
    Ice Brutes - The Harder the Come, the Harder they Fall
  • Deal damage with Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion (10,000)

    Keep on killing ice monsters with this challenge, but with specific weapons: assault rifles or pistols. This challenge completes when you tally up 10,000 in damage.
  • Destroy Ranged Ice Fiends (150)
    These guys look just like the regular Ice Fiends, but they throw snowballs at you as they advance. Destroy 150 of them to complete the challenge.
  • Destroy Golden Ice Brutes (20)
    They’re big. They’re beautiful. They’re golden. You’ll spot these brutes only in the later stages of the game, but when they do appear they’re easy to spot. It takes a lot to dispatch with a Golden Ice Brute, but when they fall, they drop some nice loot.
  • Deal damage to the Ice Legion in a single match (2000)
    Dealing 2,000 damage in one match may seem like a daunting task, but it’s very doable. Simply keep an eye out for enemy players and stay alive as long as possible. As long as you’re focused on taking down Legion enemies, you should be able to complete this task with no issue.
  • Destroy an Ice Shard in different matches (10)
    Ice shards are the jagged, frigid looking ice blocks that serve as spawn points for the Legion. They can take a fair amount of hits before exploding, but with high damage weapons you should be able to make short work of them. Destroy a shard in 10 seperate matches to complete the challenge.
  • Destroy elite members of the Ice Legion (100)
    Similar to Golden Brutes, Ice Legion elites tend to show up towards the final stages of a match. You can tell them apart from their standard counterparts by their glowing limbs. Come prepared: elites can take more damage before going down. Take out 100 to finish the challenge.
  • Deal damage with Shotguns or SMGs to the Ice Legion (10,000)
    Similar to previous challenges in the set, this specific iteration tasks you with using Shotguns or Submachine Guns to deal damage to the horde. Keep plugging away, and this challenge will complete as soon as you rack up 10,000 points.
  • Destroy members of the Ice Legion (300)
    This one should be pretty simple. Just grab your weapon of choice and go to town. Drop 300 members of the Ice Legion (any enemy type will do), and this challenge will be complete.
  • Deal damage to the Ice Legion (20,000)

    Another damage dealing challenge, except this one tasks you with dealing a hefty 20,000 damage to the Legion. If you focus exclusively on taking down Ice Legion enemies, you may be able to get this done in a single match. Otherwise, keep plugging away and soon enough you’ll have completed the final challenge on the list.

Ice Storm Challenges – Rewards

When you complete 6 of the 13 Ice Storm challenges, you’ll win the Blue Metallic Wrap, and optional item to decorate your weapons.

When you complete all 13 of the Ice Storm challenges, you’ll earn the mystical Winter’s Thorn Glider.

Winter's Thorn Glider from Fortnite

More about the Ice Storm

Let it Snow!

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is that the entire map is covered in snow.

The Fortnite Island Covered in Snow

This transformation occurred in the live in-game event on Saturday, and it was pretty impressive. Take a look at this video of the storm’s arrival.

Tips for Fighting the Ice Monsters

  • The monsters spawn from Ice Spikes, large blue formations of ice that appear in random locations throughout the map.
  • The daily challenges so far are pretty simple: kill ice monsters and kill a lot of them.
  • You’ll find that it’s much easier to complete all of the challenges if you join a team in squad mode. Although you can fight solo, all the gunfire will draw attention to you and you’ll be an easy target for other players.
  • Want to complete the challenges in solo mode? You can do it if you pick a corner of the map, where other players are much less likely to land.
  • The Golden Ice Brutes are the toughest of the Ice Monsters and have the nicest loot drops. They only appear in the later stages of the game, when the storm circle is smaller, and opposing players are more likely to be lurking nearby, ready to pick you off.
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